An Oldie, but a Goodie #Throwback Thursday

KimberlyDean_NewYearsBang_200pxNew Year’s Bang

Genre:  Contemporary, erotic romance
Release:  December 2011
ISBN 9780984651115

In high school, Troy and Lita had lusted after one another from afar.  As members of two different cliques, their paths had been forbidden to cross. But the temptation was just too powerful. Their feelings had spiraled out of control, but their young love couldn’t survive. Now years later, Lita meets up with Troy again.  The chemistry between them still sizzles, and she knows she has to take a risk.  She makes a New Year’s resolution to get Troy back and, this time, she vows not to let anything get in their way.

New Year’s Bang excerpt

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Courting Suspicion – Deleted Scene #amwriting

Well, maybe deleted.  I like it enough I might find a way to sneak it back in.  It’s short, but I think it describes Nina and her detective’s relationship perfectly.  This is a work that’s still in progress.  Heavily in progress.  I’m racing towards a deadline here, but I plucked this out just to share and get feedback.  Here it is:


He tapped his thumb against the handle of his coffee mug. She hid so much beneath that smooth porcelain exterior. It made him itch to chip away at it.

But she was tired, and he felt like he’d been run over by a Mack truck.

No, picking at her wasn’t the way to go. That wasn’t the way to get her to respond. He knew a better way. His gaze slid to her lips. When she caught him, she flinched. Oh yeah, there were better tactics to get her to talk, but not even he was brave enough to kiss her right now. With those heels, she was liable to hobble him.


What do you think?  Save it or toss it?

Back to Work

Now that most of the holiday is over, I’m back in the writing cave.  I’m currently working on Nina and Josh’s story, tentatively titled Courting Suspicion.  I’m pushing hard to see how much I can get finished by the end of the year.  Mischief is designing the cover as we speak.  This one is coming together fast, but I’m working hard to do the story justice.  I love these two characters and the unique chemistry they have together.  If everything goes according to schedule, you should see it by spring of 2016.

TV must not like #Romance readers

I should be writing, but I’ve also been watching a lot of mid-season finales on TV.  (When did that become a thing?)  I’ve concluded that TV show runners must not like romance readers, or they don’t understand how voracious and fanatic we are.  Why do I say this?  Because they’re killing off all the romance!

Just last week, I saw Oliver appear to lose Felicity on Arrow.  (The jury is still out on whether she really dies or not.)  On The Originals, Klaus woke up to find Cami had her throat slit.  I understand drama, but do the writers of these shows really understand that they’re removing the part of the show that keeps a lot of viewers watching?

Earlier this year, Orphan Black killed off Paul.  I was a huge Orphan Black fan until that moment.  (Well, let’s call it that season. Boy clones?  Bad idea.)  But seriously, I started watching the show because of the chemistry between Paul and Sarah.  It lit up the entire first season.  Then the writers forgot about it in Season 2.  Season 3, they killed him, and I walked.  I haven’t watched it since.  Same thing for Revenge.  I stopped watching after they killed Aiden.  I loved Aiden and Emily/Amanda.  I mean, I literally turned off the television when he died.  I never returned to either show.  Ever.  I lost all interest.

So I have to ask why shows are doing this.  Is it because it’s too difficult to keep couples interesting after you make them a couple?  Whaaaa.  Tell that to J.D. Robb.  She’s up to over 50 books about Eve and Roarke and still topping the charts.  No, writing romance isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding to the viewers who have invested their time in your show.  Romance readers love series.  We gobble them up and eagerly await the next book (i.e. episode.)

Here’s an idea:  Keep the couples.  Keep the viewers.

Freebie Day: Going Deep #freebie #books #erotica

Today only – download Going Deep for free!


Genre: Contemporary erotica

Football players and cheerleaders – there’s just something about guys in tight pants and women in short skirts. As a cheerleader at Southern Dominion University, Brynn Montgomery had fought her attraction to the football team’s star receiver, Cody Jones. She’d been dating the quarterback, Rex, but Cody had always been there, watching and waiting. On one fateful night, Brynn had finally submitted to Cody’s desires. She’d given him her virginity, only to have Rex catch them and a full-blown sex scandal erupt.

Ten years later, Brynn returns to the university to teach and, hopefully, restore her dignity and reputation. That proves to be difficult, though, for Cody is now the football coach for the Dukes, and Rex is the manager of a rival team. Soon, Brynn is caught up in the action between the alpha males again – the clash of pads, the shimmer of pompoms, and the lust of healthy athletes. Rex uses her guilt to get close to her, but it’s Cody who’s the most dangerous. This time, he’s determined to score – and score big.

Going Deep excerpt

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Erotica vs. Erotic Romance

There’s a difference. Lately, I’ve heard the terms being used interchangeably, but erotica and erotic romance are two distinct story genres.  Some readers like both, but others might not.  Here’s a guide to help you understand the difference:

  • Erotica — This is the story of a character’s sexual evolution.  It’s all about the character exploring their sexuality and their boundaries.  Expect hot, explicit sex scenes, potential darkness, and often multiple partners.  There doesn’t have to be a happily-ever-after, but there should be growth in the character if the erotica is any good.  Good erotica also has a strong story line and doesn’t simply skip from one sex scene to the next — although there will be a lot of hanky panky going on.
  • Erotic Romance — This is a love story cranked up to 10.  It’s about two characters (or more) falling in love and lust with one another.  The focus is on the emotional relationship, and it should be strengthened by a sexual connection.  The characters are committed to one another and care for one another.  It’s a romance, so a happy ending is expected.

I started my career with Black Lace Books, which was the premier publisher of women’s erotica back in its time.  My early stories were published through them, so they’re mainly in the erotica genre.  My preference, though, is erotic romance, and I couldn’t help but let that creep in to most of my erotica stories.  Today, I write mainly erotic romance, although I did venture back into the world of erotica a few years ago with Private Dancer.

Through the years, the pendulum has swung wildly on just how explicit both genres will go and what sexual practices are explored.  Today, most of my books would probably just be considered “hot.”  I think sensuality is not only in the act, but in the buildup of sexual tension.  So whatever you read, enjoy it, but be aware of what you’re buying so you’re not surprised or disappointed.

Happy reading!