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New Year’s Bang

Genre:  Contemporary, erotic romance, short story

In high school, Troy and Lita had lusted after one another from afar.  As members of two different cliques, their paths had been forbidden to cross. But the temptation was just too powerful. Their feelings had spiraled out of control, but their young love couldn’t survive. Now years later, Lita meets up with Troy again.  The chemistry between them still sizzles, and she knows she has to take a risk.  She makes a New Year’s resolution to get Troy back and, this time, she vows not to let anything get in their way.

New Year’s Bang excerpt

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One of Those Days

Today I walked into a room and discovered that my Roomba had gotten entangled with a newly potted philodendron.  It had pulled the pot off its shelf and dragged the plant out of the dirt entirely.  A big pile of dirt covered the corner of the room.  On cream-colored carpeting, no less.  Grrrrr.  This is the way my week has been going.  Enough, already.  Go away, 2016!

All Romance eBooks Closing

I and many other authors were blindsided today when we received word that All Romance eBooks is closing. On Dec. 31, 2016.  Yes, that’s right.  We received 3 days notice. I won’t bore you with the gory details (authors won’t be paid the agreed royalty rate for books and nothing for these last three days), but suffice it to say that I’ve gone through my web site and removed all links to this book seller. You might notice that I’m a little peeved. The lack of professionalism in this industry is really wearing on me. I’ve been publishing romance for fifteen years, but this year really takes the cake with so many companies closing shop overnight and running for the hills.

But I digress.

The important thing for readers to know is that this will also affect any purchases you’ve made from ARE.  According to their website, “Between now and then, we encourage consumers finalize any transactions, download purchases, and back up libraries.”  Protect your purchases, everyone!  Do not buy anything new from All Romance eBooks.  All my books are available through many other online bookstores, and all those links are readily available here on my website.  I highly recommend you go somewhere else for your reading materials.

Dream Weavers III

I finally found time to get back to a project that’s been calling my name for a long time. It’s a busy time of the year, so I haven’t been able to concentrate on it fully, but I’m getting back into the Dream Weavers series! It’s nice getting to know the Oneiros brothers again and to dive deeper into one of their stories. There will be more to come on this, but I’m excited!

Let It Snow

I woke up to find snow on the ground, and I’m finally starting to feel the spirit of the season.  The holiday season – and writing season.  For me, writing during the winter is so much easier.  The temptation to run outdoors isn’t there.  I’m finally allowed to stay inside all day, without receiving those sideways glances from people worrying that I’m becoming a hermit.  My hot chocolate is by my side, and my computer is ready to go.  Now it’s just a matter of picking which project comes first!

@TRRtweet Contest and Poll Results

CourtingInnocence_webI’m participating in the Year End Splash Party over on The Romance Reviews.  Congratulations to Bea and Donna who both won copies of my ebook, Courting Innocence.

I also have the results to my non-scientific poll.

Question:  Where do you usually learn about new-to-you writers?

Amazon recommendations or best seller lists    4%
Friends and Family    15%
Goodreads    8%
Other    27%
Reviewer Blogs    27%
The Romance Reviews    19%

Interesting results.  It just begs one more question.  What is other?