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MAXIE releases today!

Maxie, Book 2 in the Triple X series, is now available at online bookstores everywhere.

Triple X, Book 2

Genre:  Contemporary romance
Release:  August 20, 2013
ISBN 9781619217331

It’s just pretend…but nobody wants to stop.

Maxie’s quiet, predictable routine is shattered when she steps outside her flower shop and almost runs into two women. It’s not the near collision that’s startling. It’s the strangers’ faces. It’s like looking in a mirror times two, and it sends her into a dead faint.

Sheriff Zac Ford sees three identical copies of the woman who’s caused him more sleepless nights than he can count, and it stops him in his tracks. Maxie’s buckling knees snap him out of his trance, and he catches her before she hits the cement.

Two sisters she never knew she had? Maxie can’t deal with this turmoil, not on her own. She needs a shield, a rock. For the first time in her life, she takes a wild leap of faith.

When Maxie calls him her boyfriend, Zac has no trouble playing along. It’ll give him time to figure out what these “sisters” want. Soon, though, for-show kisses get hotter and playacting touches grow bold. And Maxie must choose to stay in her safe little world, or grab life by the horns.

Maxie excerpt

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Busy time

Writing is a slow process.  A book takes forever to write and, once an author is finished, they wait for the editing, the copy editing, the cover, lots of other things, and eventually the publishing date.  It seems like a book will never come to fruition, but then all of a sudden, it’s here.  Then things start to move very fast.  Right now, I’m in the amazing position of having three books coming out in a very short time.

Maxie, Book 2 in the Triple X series, releases next Tuesday the 20th.  Then Lexie, Book 1, comes out in print form on September 3.  Finally, I’ve got a brand new erotic romance from Mischief coming out on September 26.  It’s titled Solace in Scandal, but I haven’t been able to talk to you much about that yet.  Soon.  I hope.  Soon!

It’s an exciting time, and I’ve been waiting for this all year!  I hope you like the books.  Post your reviews so I know what you think.

Maxie is coming!

Only a few weeks until Maxie (Book 2 in the Triple X series) releases.  It will be here on August 20.  Here’s a tiny blurb for those who can’t wait!


An Excerpt From:  MAXIE

© Copyright KIMBERLY DEAN, 2013

Published by Samhain Publishing

Maxie felt the sheriff’s gaze click onto hers, and she forgot her plan. It flew out of her mind and into the wind. She stared at him, unable to look away.

He’d caught her.

As well as if he’d put his hands on her, he’d caught her. She hadn’t seen him come outside. She’d taken one glance away and he’d appeared. She’d known because she’d sensed him. Waves of attention had floated over her, warm, bold and undisguised. Her nipples had hardened, and her thighs had clenched.

Now that she’d looked his way, she felt well and fully pinned.

She lowered the watering can to her side, but then his gaze was captured by something behind her. The loss of eye contact brought her back to earth with a rude bump, especially when it didn’t return. He stood in front of her, a look of confusion settling onto his handsome face.

She shifted uncomfortably. Her sandals slid against the cement, and she rocked one back onto its heel. Had she gotten the wrong idea? Maybe he’d been walking back to his car. Maybe he’d been being friendly with that hi.

Or maybe he wanted to buy a garden gnome.

Footsteps clicked behind her, and embarrassment ran through her like hot lava. He’d been greeting someone else. She’d just assumed and had gotten in the way. Desperate to get out of the awkward situation, she turned to see who she’d stepped in front of. She kept her weak smile plastered on her face, ready to welcome a customer, a friend or, God forbid, his coffee date.

What she found was nothing she would have expected. Herself.

No, make that two of herself.

Maxie’s brain stutter-stepped. Two women were approaching her shop, and they looked like clones of each other. And of her.

What did they have to do with Zac?

No, that didn’t make sense.

She stopped and tried again. There were definitely two women in front of her, two women who looked like her. How could that be?

“Oh, my God,” one of them whispered.

“It’s her,” the other one said.

Unable to process anything, Maxie frowned at one stranger and then the other. They were the same height as her, and they all had the same, what she’d thought was unique, auburn-highlighted hair. Their faces could be interchanged and nobody would notice. The only thing that was different was their style. One woman was in a lavender sheath dress, while the other wore a silk tank and short shorts. Lavender girl looked like she’d stepped out of a boardroom. Her jewelry was understated, but gold. Her makeup was subtle, except where her mascara was starting to run. Short shorts, conversely, was total rocker chick. A chunky sterling silver necklace hung to her waist and leather bands circled her wrists. The only thing that didn’t fit her tough look was the way she clutched at her doppelganger’s hand, while alternately fisting and opening her other hand at her side.

Still not computing.

“Maxie?” one of the reflections said.

She sucked in a short gasp. The voice even sounded like hers. How did they know her name?

Maxie’s brain tripped again, this time falling flat on its face. It was like looking into a funhouse mirror and having two reflections stare back at you—only there wasn’t a carnival in town. Was this some kind of practical joke? She shook her head to clear it, but they were still there, these figments of her imagination.

Time started slowing down as her brain struggled to get back on its feet. Tap, tap, tap. Water dripped from the watering can onto the sidewalk. A breeze swept through, ruffling her hair and ruffling her reflections’ hair too. She tried to take a deeper breath, but the scent of flowers overwhelmed her. Flowers and perfume and coffee.

Her brain wasn’t going to make it. The edges of her vision started going dark.

The thorn. Something must have gotten into her system when she’d been pricked. A poison. No, a hallucinogen. That had to be it. What she was seeing wasn’t real.

Only Zac had appeared to see it too.

“Damn it, Maxie,” rocker chick said more sharply. “Breathe!”

The thorn. She felt her knees let go. Twin pricks… Twin wounds…

Twice as lucky.


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Get a Free Download of LEXIE

Lexie72lgSamhain had a great signing event at the RWA National Conference.  I was giving away free downloads of LEXIE and guess what?  I have a few left.

Want one?  I’ll give them away to the next 10 people who sign up for my newsletter.

Already a member of my mailing list?  Don’t worry.  10 more names will be picked at random.

Act fast.  These copies will be gone in a hurry.



I went to the RWA National Conference last week in Atlanta.  It’s always such an exciting, exhausting, educational, and fun time.  I learned so much my hand got tired from taking notes.  There were a lot of sessions about independent publishing.  It’s so exciting to see what’s happening in the field of publishing these days.  There are so many avenues authors can take now in their careers.  Yes, I will be pursuing more indie publishing opportunities, but I also plan to continue the great relationships I have with my publishers.  I think indie publishing is a cool way to get those one-of-a-kind stories out there.

Yes, I’m talking the Dream Wreaker series, but I have some contracted work I need to concentrate on first.  😉

The national conference is also a great place to get caught up with friends and make new ones.  Writing can be a lonely occupation.  Authors tend to sit in home offices for hours upon a time.  We form bonds with others who do the same.  We email and text each other, but there’s nothing like sitting down and having lunch together.  Or in my case, fried pickles!  Who knew it was such a delicacy?  Yummy.

So now I’ve returned to the daily grind, but I’m inspired again to write and do all the other things that authors do.  It will be interesting to see what new tips and tricks work for me.