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LEXIE on #Sale – Just 99 cents

Need something to read for July 4?

For a short time only, LEXIE will be on sale for only 99 cents!

Triple X, Book 1

Genre:  Contemporary romance

Desire is a double-edged dance.

Lexie Underhill works her tail off in hopes of winning her adoptive father’s approval. It’s never enough. The stinging proof? He’s brought in a reorganization expert. As if the prospect of losing her job in the family business isn’t enough, Cameron Rowe’s sexy, intimidating presence makes her palms sweat.

When Lexie’s face appears on a scandalous freeway billboard, her protestations of innocence go unheard. With orders to save the family name—or else—she marches into the bar the billboard was advertising and comes face-to-face with an identical twin sister. Roxie is wild and free, everything Lexie isn’t. Before the night is out, she welcomes the chance to explore her own sensuality.

As she dances wantonly on the bar, suddenly Cam is there, kissing her as if he has the right. The sizzle between them breaks out in four-alarm desire, but Lexie has recalibrated her life plan. And the equation doesn’t factor in Cam—until she’s sure where his loyalties lie. With her…or her father’s company.

Lexie excerpt

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HACKING IT on #Sale at @Kobo! #romanticsuspense

Hacking IT is 40% off at Kobo from June 21-25.  Just use Promo code: 40JUNE.

Go grab your copy now!

Independent software developer Kylie Grant is on top of her game in the world of IT. She has loyal clients, a good reputation, and a prestigious membership in technology giant Afire Industries’ small business accelerator. Things are going well until she stumbles across an innocuous issue with the lighting in the building where she rents space. When she digs into the problem, she discovers something unexpected—a hack.

The incursion doesn’t affect her, but Kylie leaves enough clues to fix the problem. That earns her a visit from Luke McAllister, Afire’s chief security officer. Luke is handsome and rugged and everything that Kylie likes in a man, but she soon finds that he is blaming her for the security breach. Before long, the two are on a collision course, but also secretly looking at more than each other’s digital footprints.

When a fluke accident sends Kylie to the emergency room, Luke fears that the beautiful developer is in danger beyond the online world. Little does he know that she is also hiding a secret that threatens to jeopardize their now sizzling relationship. Can Kylie fix Afire’s problems without falling victim to the hacker? And can Luke learn to trust her and keep her safe before their enemy strikes again?

Excerpt from Hacking IT

Download ebook:  Kobo

Promo code: 40JUNE

What Happened to Keeping It Simple, Stupid? (KISS)

Am I the only one who hates the new style of websites?  All flash, lots of distraction, and endless scrolling?  A little vent here… I can read.  Not everything needs to be in pictures.  And continuous scrolling brings out the obsessive/compulsive side of me.  I want to get to the bottom of the page.  I NEED to get to the bottom.  What happened to nice, clean websites with sub-pages where everything is laid out logically? Enough with the fancy transitions and endless linking.  ENOUGH!!!

Can you tell I’m thinking of updating my website?  Can you tell I’m frustrated????

Give me a couple of weeks.  I’ll figure it out.  Sigh…  I JUST WANNA WRITE.

Okay, end of vent.  Back to your regular programming.

Forest for the Trees

That’s where I am right now.  I’ve been working on a story that I’ve had in various forms for years.  Many, many years.  I still believe there’s a good story in there somewhere, so for the past few months, I’ve been looking through the many versions I have and cobbling together the story I want to tell.  Things were going well when I first started the project.  I’d been away from it for long enough that I had a bird’s-eye view.  I could read it as a reader and clearly see the strengths and the plot holes.

That time has passed.  My bird’s-eye view is gone.  I’m now on the ground, lost in the forest.  Well, I don’t even know if I’m lost, really.  I’ve finished with the story.  I’ve gone through and edited it.  But I’m too close to it to truly know how I feel about it.

Does that happen to you?  What do you do when you get too deep into a project and can only see the details instead of the big picture?  Got any suggestions on how to back away?  I really don’t want to put this story down and let it sit for any longer.  It’s time is here.  It’s waited for its day long enough.  So tell me… How can I clear the cobwebs out of my head?

Unrequited Available on Kindle Unlimited

I’ve re-released my book, Unrequited, on Kindle Unlimited.  Subscribers can get it for free.  For everyone else, it’s only $2.99.  Just look at that drool-worthy new cover!



Genre:  Erotic Romance

After years of secret longing for his brother’s wife, Tyler rejoices when she is set free and ripe for new love—though it may take a prolonged seduction to convince wary Trista to open herself up to pleasure once more.

Available only on Amazon

Amazon / Amazon UK / Amazon Canada

Spring Newsletter Contest Winner

Congratulations to Debbie, who won the spring newsletter giveaway contest!

The survey results were interesting, as always.

The question was:  What are your thoughts on authors and social media?

Some interaction is nice.  ~ 65%
It’s not important. I’d prefer authors focus on writing more stories.  ~ 20%
Authors need to spend a lot of time interacting with readers.  ~ 15%

LOVE HACK a Top Pick

The Hackers series is on a roll.  LOVE HACK has also been rated as a Top Pick by Night Owl Reviews!

“Spencer is a computer nerd all the way and sometimes falls out of his comfort zone without trying. Josie gives the impression of an organized sweet innocent but some of that impression is just an act. Together, these two characters are as funny as they are romantic.” – 4.5 stars

Thanks, Night Owl Reviews!