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Author: Kimberly

Haunted Hearts is a 2019 RITA® Finalist! #RITAGH

I got “the call” today.  Haunted Hearts is a RITA® Finalist in the Paranormal Romance category!  This is big – like huge – and it hasn’t sunk in yet.  The RITA’s are the biggest awards in romance writing, and Haunted Hearts made the cut.

This was the proverbial story that sat under my bed for the last decade.  Longer than that, actually.  My first draft dates back to 2001.  The story went through many incarnations, based on feedback from several editors, until it was a tangled mess.  I opened the file in 2018 to look at it again, and suddenly I could see the path to untangle everything.  I took my story back and self-published it.

And, today, it was nominated for the highest honor in my book’s genre.

Fantastic Reviews for Haunted Hearts #bookreviews #bookrecommendations #romance

Haunted Hearts is getting a great response from readers.  Look at some things these reviewers had to say:

“I have read numerous good and great ghost stories and this one is one of the finest that I have ever had the pleasure to read.  I have read many romances and this one just captivates heart, mind, body and soul…  Haunted Hearts is a fantastic ghost story and a fantastic romance.  If it was possible, I would give this book 100 stars.” – 5++ stars, N.N. Light’s Book Heaven

I was honestly swept away by the plot – so much that whenever Officer Hardass and Callie were making goo-goo eyes at each other, that I wanted to be all, “Shush! Can’t you see there’s a mystery going on? Sex later, plot now.” Definitely a fun little adventure in the romance section” – 4 stars, Miranda Reads, #1 best reviewer, #11 most followed, and #9 top reviewer on Goodreads

Click the links to see the full reviews!

Speaking of Goodreads, Miranda’s review of Haunted Hearts made both the US and World Goodreads’ Top 50 Reviews for the week!

Haunted Hearts excerpt

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The Deer and The Darkness

People often ask where writers come up with ideas.  I usually can’t pinpoint what exactly will spur story ideas, but here’s an example.  The other evening, I was mowing the lawn.  I got started late, and it’s getting darker earlier every night.  My back yard butts up against a wooded area, and the sun had gone down.  It was getting darker with every pass, but I wanted to finish since it was cool.  I was walking along, eyeing the forest when I heard a noise.  Something was moving fast.  My head snapped to the right, just in time to see this deer go tearing by, between me and my house.  I mean, this thing was moving.  Deer are usually very graceful, even at high speed.  This one was not.  He was so close to the ground, he looked like a torpedo, and he was getting ahead of how fast his legs could go.  He stumbled, kind of bounced off a rise in the terrain, and shot across the neighbors yard back into the wooded area.  Holy crap, did he startle me.

That’s when the questions started.  Where did he come from?  The forest, for sure.  What would have happened if he’d run into me?  It would not have been a pretty sight.  Deer are not small animals.  I was mowing with a large, very noisy piece of equipment.  What compelled him to run across the open grass, instead of staying in the treeline?  Deer tend to stay in herds.  Where was his buddies? Were they out there, lurking, too?  What else was in there?  Had something scarier than a human with a lawnmower compelled him to run for his life?  WHAT was scarier to a deer than a lawnmower?  I’ve been writing a paranormal, so those thoughts tumbled in my head.  The dusk.  The crickets chirping nearly as loudly as the lawnmower.  The complete disappearance of the deer… Yeah, I didn’t make it for another pass.  I quickly ended my mowing task for the night.  Now, that’s kind of a dramatic idea starter, but that’s how a writer’s brain works.

I finished the rest of the yard the next day, much earlier in the evening.  Would you believe that deer came back?  Or maybe it wasn’t him, but this thing was as bold as can be.  He came out from the trees, looked at me with my monster mower, kind of shrugged, and started having dinner.  He was in my neighbor’s yard, nibbling on grass and leaves the entire time it took me to finish my mowing job.  Yes, the questions started again.  If he’s so calm around me tonight, was there some kind of predator out there the night before?  Why’s he so calm now?  Can deer have multiple personalities?  What if deer stopped being so timid?  What if the deer rose up?  Questions, questions, questions… That is how writers come up with ideas.

Reviews for On The Prowl


“If you’re looking for a moralistic heroine, keep looking. If you enjoy a gal who finds her inner self, stop here.” – Leigh Rowling, RT Book Reviews

On The Prowl whirls readers into a vortex or erotic passion, lust, robbery and more” – 5 Angels & A Recommended Read – Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews


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Library Journal review of Blade of Moonlight

Library Journal likes Blade of Moonlight, too!

“Part of the Midnight Justice anthology, Dean’s (Everlasting) novella manages to balance a strong plot with sex scenes hot enough to melt an ereader. While the joining of heroine and villain story line is not entirely original, the pacing here is quick yet unhurried, and erotica fans will enjoy the resulting fun read. Recommended.”—Natasha Grant, New York


Ghost Flute Reviews

Reviews are coming in for Ghost Flute.  Here are a couple:

Siren Book Reviews:  4 1/2 siren stones “I couldn’t put it down, and the goose bumps that covered my skin were a sure sign that the story mesmerized me.”

Night Owl Romance:  4.75 stars and a Top Pick “This is a wonderfully original and interesting read and once I started reading, I wasn’t able to stop till the book was finished.”

I’m so happy people are enjoying the story.