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Midnight Justice

MidnightJustice72smI was happily surprised today when I found a box lying on my doorstep.  It was my author copies of Midnight Justice, which releases on April 2.  This superhero romance anthology includes Blade of Moonlight, Breaking Bad by Jodi Redford, and Superlovin’ by Vivi Andrews.  I love technology, but there’s still something about a paper book.  I love the feel and the smell and the look of it.  Call me old-fashioned, but I’m still happy to see my stories in print.

Excerpt from Blade of Moonlight.

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“Part of the Midnight Justice anthology, Dean’s novella manages to balance a strong plot with sex scenes hot enough to melt an ereader…the pacing here is quick yet unhurried, and erotica fans will enjoy the resulting fun read. Recommended.”  —Library Journal Reviews

“Andrews delights with two hot characters who are so colorful you’ll laugh out loud.”
RT Book Reviews magazine on The Sexorcist by Vivi Andrews, Nominated for Reviewer’s Choice Award 2011

“Redford delivers a solid story with a bit of mystery and some adventurous sex. Collections that are looking to include a lighter take on sexy romps in the style of Laurell K. Hamilton or Sunny will find this a solid addition.”
—Library Journal Reviews on Maximum Witch

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