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New excerpt from Blade of Moonlight

BLADE OF MOONLIGHT releases just five days from now!  I’m excited to hear what readers think about this story.  It’s dark, gritty, and super steamy.  Super… get it?  Superhero erotic romance…

Anyway, I thought I’d put out a short excerpt to entice you.  Here it is:


© Copyright KIMBERLY DEAN, 2012.

Published by Samhain Publishing, May 1, 2012.


She didn’t know if she could put the boots on or not.

She stared at them from five feet away. They were sex bombs, she realized. She’d always known that. She’d known it from the way they made her feel when she put them on. She’d known it from the way men had stared at her when she’d illuminated them. Her light and her powers of attraction weren’t the only thing slowing them in their tracks.

“Damn you, Scythe.”

Gritting her teeth, she grabbed a boot. Pointing her toes, she slipped her foot inside. The soft leather hugged her toes, and the support pressed into her arch. She had to fight back a moan when she dragged the long zipper up to nearly her knee.

The second one was even worse.

By the time she swung her cape around her shoulders, her black hipsters were wet in the crotch. Her belt felt heavy with her weapons, and her bra was binding.

Her nipples tightened as she looked at the rumpled bed.

Dark versus light. Good versus evil.

She didn’t feel like she’d lost this round, but she certainly wasn’t the victor. She was lucky to come out alive and intact, but he’d warned her about the next time.

If there was a next time.

She bit her lip. She’d failed to find any clue to his identity, but he’d exposed too many of her secrets. The boots, her skin, her tactics, her sexual triggers…

She fingered the rock of her necklace where it had settled between her breasts. He’d warned her away, but she had to find out something about him. Without leverage of her own, this man, the cold-bladed Scythe, could own her.

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