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Kimberly was first published by Black Lace Books, an erotica publisher out of London with the motto of “Erotica for women, written by women.” Her stories always have a romantic component, though, so transitioning to erotic romance was natural when the genre began to open up.


Private Dancer

Genre: Contemporary erotica

Torn between two worlds, Alicia struggles to find a way to walk with her faith, but still dance with sin.

When Alicia gets caught in the conflict between her father’s church and the Satin Club owners Bas and Remy, she is the only person willing to act as a mediator. Alicia is intrigued by the high class gentleman’s club and its two sexy proprietors. She tries to stay impartial, but the sensuality of erotic dancing pulls at her, begging her to indulge.

Bas and Remy are more than happy to satisfy her curiosities and secret desires. Both offer dark temptations she can’t resist and the provocative dancing and passion awaken something long repressed. For the first time, the preacher’s daughter feels like her own person – yet at her core, she’s still a good girl. As the tension between the warring parties reaches fever pitch, she struggles to find what is right for her.

Private Dancer excerpt

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Tiger Lily

Genre: Contemporary erotica

When federal agent Shanna McKay – aka Lily – is assigned to a new case, her shady past returns to haunt her. She’s ordered to investigate drug lord Manuel Santos, who caused her sister’s death years earlier. The McKay sisters had been wild. Shanna became hooked on sex; her sister hooked on Santos and his drugs. Desperate to even the score, Shanna infiltrates the organization by using her most powerful weapon – her sexuality. She seduces Santos’ men one by one in an attempt to gain access to the main man. It’s a dangerous game and her boss, Joe Mitchell, knows it. He goes undercover to save his agent before her own cover is blown, but what will be stronger – Shanna’s love for Mitchell or her need for vengeance?

Tiger Lily excerpt

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On The Prowl

Genre:  Suspenseful erotica

Slinking through shadows. Slipping through open windows. Jimmying locks. Talia Sizemore hadn’t intended to become a thief, but what a rush her secret identity is! The more she steals, the more she craves the danger and the exhilaration. Her newborn freedom encourages other liberal tendencies, and soon she’s pushing the limits of her sexuality to keep experiencing the same highs.

The situation only gets hotter when a bullheaded detective starts investigating. Riley Kinkade has set his sights on the New Covington Cat Burglar, and Talia can’t help but squirm as he closes in on her. The man’s smart, observant, and extremely imposing. He’s also the sexiest man she’s ever met.

The combination is dangerous. Riley is watching her every move, but Talia can’t stop. There’s something incredibly arousing about being bad right under the good detective’s nose. As the frequency of her thefts increase, so do his thorough searches of her home and person. Once he gets his hands on her, watch out!

This is one sexy cat-and-mouse game that is guaranteed to spiral out of control.

On The Prowl excerpt

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Going Deepkimberlydean_Going_Deep_web

Genre: Contemporary erotica

Football players and cheerleaders – there’s just something about guys in tight pants and women in short skirts. As a cheerleader at Southern Dominion University, Brynn Montgomery had fought her attraction to the football team’s star receiver, Cody Jones. She’d been dating the quarterback, Rex, but Cody had always been there, watching and waiting. On one fateful night, Brynn had finally submitted to Cody’s desires. She’d given him her virginity, only to have Rex catch them and a full-blown sex scandal erupt.

Ten years later, Brynn returns to the university to teach and, hopefully, restore her dignity and reputation. That proves to be difficult, though, for Cody is now the football coach for the Dukes, and Rex is the manager of a rival team. Soon, Brynn is caught up in the action between the alpha males again – the clash of pads, the shimmer of pompoms, and the lust of healthy athletes. Rex uses her guilt to get close to her, but it’s Cody who’s the most dangerous. This time, he’s determined to score – and score big.

Going Deep excerpt

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