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Going Deep Excerpt

An Excerpt From:  GOING DEEP

Closeup from behind of a woman holding a football against her naked hip.


Originally published by Black Lace Books

“I never thought you’d come back here.”

“Neither did I,” she admitted quietly. She looked at him. “How long have you been here?”

“Three years.”

She bit her lower lip. “That must have been right after you blew out your knee.”

He was surprised. “I didn’t know you were a fan of professional football, Brynn.”

“You were good, Cody.”

The soft admission caught him right in the gut.

“I was sorry to see your career end that way.”

“So was I.”

The intimate conversation under the dark night sky was doing things for him. She was doing things for him. Just holding her hand wasn’t enough – not with the way his cock was stiffening.

“Coaching’s not so bad, though,” he said, trying to keep his body under control.

“You came home, too.”

“Yeah, I guess I did.”

She toyed with the gold necklace that shone so brightly against the black sweater, and his gaze went to her breasts.

“Did you keep in touch with anyone from the old days?” she asked.

The question was like a two-by-four right between the eyes. The hot feeling in his stomach gelled like lava. “No,” he said through a throat that felt like gravel. “Did you?”

Her eyes flared at his sharp tone. “How could I after what you did?”

I did?” he said, his own temper piquing. “Think again, baby. That was a joint effort. You certainly didn’t try to fight me off.”

“You made sure of that, didn’t you?”

“Damn straight, I did.”

Enough with the small talk and baby touches. They were finally getting to the heart of the matter. He gave a solid tug on her hand and caught her hard against his body. His gaze bore into hers. A question had been eating at him for ten years. “Have you seen him since that night?”

“No!” She pushed at his shoulders.

“Good,” he snarled. “Then it was worth it.”

Her eyes widened when his head dipped. Before she could let out the cry that was on the tip of her tongue, he had it in his mouth. She went rigid against him, and he used her momentary vulnerability to his advantage. Slowly, he dragged his tongue along the wet, rough surface of hers. She groaned at the intimacy, and the sound rang in his ears.

“Two good things happened that night,” he said with his mouth still on hers. “I made you come, and I got you away from that bastard.”

He didn’t know which boast offended her, but her defensive shields came crashing down. She hadn’t succeeded in pushing him away, so she arched her body, trying to buck him off of her. The move only ground her crotch against the zipper of his pants, and his cock surged.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he grunted. “Just like that.”

“You bastard,” she panted as she tore her lips away.

He gave her a hard smile. He had to be getting to her for her to use such language. Even as she cursed him, though, her hips were jerking against him.

“You like me that way.” He turned with her in his arms and pushed her back against the car. He rocked hard against the notch at the top of her legs until her fingers were biting into his shoulders.

“I never liked you.”

“Yes, you did. You just wouldn’t admit it. That was the problem.”

And it had been a big problem – one that had almost driven him out of his frickin’ mind.

He saw the veins in her neck fluttering with every beat of her heart, and he knew she was right there with him. His tongue sought out that pulsing vein and coated it with long, wet licks.

He wedged his hand between their bellies and began searching for the tab of her jeans. “You wanted me, Brynn. You were just such a Goody Two Shoes, you were afraid of it.”

She slapped at his shoulders. “Don’t call me that!”

“Goody Two Shoes?”

She turned her head away from his kiss.

“I guess you weren’t after I got through with you,” he said into her ear.

She gasped when he worked her zipper down and thrust his hand into her panties.

“I turned you into a naughty girl that night.”

It was a tight fit with her body lodged between him and the car. They were connected from lips to breast to thighs. His hand could barely wiggle down her belly, but he wasn’t moving away from her. No way. No how. He’d waited years to get at her like this.

Her belly sucked in on another gasp when his fingers reached her pussy. “You needed it and you wanted it, Brynn. Just like now.”

He kissed her again and swept his fingers between her legs. She let out a cry, and her body shuddered. He used the opportunity to lodge his hand between her legs. He cupped her pussy, and she went right up onto her tiptoes.

“I didn’t deserve what happened,” she argued. She caught his arms, and her fingers bit into his biceps.

“Afterwards, no,” he agreed. “You didn’t deserve that.”

“Then why did you…?”

“I didn’t.” He kissed her temple. “I didn’t.”

He let his fingers explore as he watched her face. Her eyes were closed tight, and her teeth bit hard into her lower lip. Purposely, he let his thumb drum across her clit. Her eyes flew open, and her jaw dropped. He did it again, and she came alive in his arms, clawing at him like a cat.

He dropped his forehead against hers. “Spread your legs, Brynn.”

“Damn you, Cody,” she groaned.

He looked at her steadily until, still on her tiptoes, she timidly widened her stance.

It opened her pussy to his invading hand, and he grunted in conquest. He locked his other hand on her ass as he let his fingers do the walking. He poked and prodded into all the nooks and crannies as her body shook.

“I hate you,” she whispered.

“Then hate away, baby. I could live on hate like this.”


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