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Free Reads

Free Reads

The following free reads by Kimberly Dean are available online or to download for free from your favorite bookstore!



Courting Jealousy book cover shows a shirtless man with rock-hard abs staring at the floor. It, along with Courting Jealousy 2, are free reads from Kimberly Dean.Genre:  Sexy short story

Part of the Courting Series

When Noelle hires an escort to accompany her to a charity event, it’s merely to show her ex that’s she’s moved on. Yet she gets more than she bargained for when Dane is assigned to accompany her. Tall, dark, and handsome, he knows how to arouse jealousy. He also knows how to arouse her!

Courting Jealousy excerpt

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Duplicate of Courting Jealousy cover, but with a 2 denoted.Genre: Sexy short story

Part of the Courting Series

When Noelle starts a romance with ex-escort Dane, she has to learn to deal with jealousy – other women’s and her own. It’s not easy dating a handsome, hot alpha male, but somebody has to do it!

Courting Jealousy 2 excerpt

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Triple EXtra

Genre: A Day in the Life

A short story sequel to the Triple X series.

I’ve had many of you contact me after reading my Triple X series, wanting more.  In particular, you wanted more of the sisters being… well, sisters.  I’m happy to oblige.  Here is a short story focusing on the triplets spending time together as a family.  I hope you enjoy it.

Read Triple EXtra here


Ride of Her Life

Beautiful woman driving a car.Genre: Erotic short story

When Andrea’s car breaks down, she’s not expecting the wild ride she’s about to take.







Star Diplomacy

Handsome soldier on one knee on an alien planet.

Genre:  SciFi Space Opera Romance

A short story sequel to Falling Stars

With the threat of an interplanetary war looming, a hardened military negotiator must find a way to connect with the enemy’s beautiful ambassador.

Read Star Diplomacy here