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Romance Novels


Genre:  A sci-fi space opera romance

When representatives from the planets of the troubled Akasha solar system meet to sign a peace accord, talks go awry. Tempers flare, and a battle erupts. Cut off from their own spacecraft, they commandeer an alien starship to escape.

Trapped onboard the Storm Chaser together, Commander Rhodie Menodora doesn’t trust the sultry Sciroccon Spears who protect their planet’s female president. He’s just not prepared for the pretty little Sciroccon doctor who’s snuck into their midst. When he’s hit by phaser fire protecting his king, though, he’s at her mercy.

Dr. Breeze Caelestis took a vow to heal those who are hurting, even if it’s the hard-nosed leader of the King’s Guard from the patriarchal planet of Terrene. Tough and stubborn, Rhodie’s a difficult patient to treat—but they need to learn to work together if they’re going to survive. Living on the run from avenging space military forces, Breeze and Rhodie soon move beyond acceptance to desire. And alien enemies turn to lovers. Yet their starship romance may be short lived for Breeze is on a secret mission, and Rhodie may have the intel she needs to prevent a war between the planets.

Falling Stars excerpt

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

Does a ghost from the past want the man of her future? 

Callie Thompson is thrilled when she inherits a house in the small town of Shadow Valley. The house is old and creaky, but she’s not afraid of hard work. Unfortunately, no matter how many repairs she makes, the strange noises won’t go away. Items disappear. Lights flicker. Footsteps echo down the hallway. Her nerves are soon so frayed that she resorts to calling the one person in town she hasn’t been able to get along with, bullheaded police chief Carter Landry.

Carter doesn’t have time to investigate things that go bump in the night—although, with Callie, the idea is tempting. He’s busy working with the governor’s task force on a major case and dealing with a rash of petty Halloween crimes. He knows that Callie’s house isn’t haunted… no matter what the town legend says. Still, when her distress call comes in, he hits the ground running. He may not believe in ghosts, but someone is intentionally scaring the sassy blond. And he doesn’t like it.

As the couple gives in to their mutual attraction, the strange occurrences in the house subside. But could Carter’s presence be the reason? Callie fears that her sexy cop may be the one the ghost has wanted all along.

Haunted Hearts excerpt

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Solace in Scandal

Genre:  Contemporary erotic romance

Greed and lies bound them together, but will the truth tear their love apart?

When Elena Bardot suffers the backlash of a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by her father, she retreats to the abandoned estate of his partners in crime.  Wolfe Manor is lush and private, a perfect place to lick her wounds – until the notorious prodigal son returns.  Disgraced billionaire Alex Wolfe is aloof, imposing, and sexy as hell.  Elena knows she shouldn’t want him, but attraction overrules her head.

Life behind bars has changed Alex.  He doesn’t have time for the complication of a gorgeous little brunette – especially one with her name – but the tension between them escalates.  Lust overwhelms their resistance, and the sex is hot and cathartic.  They’ve both been betrayed by family, hurt by society, and cast as villains.  Alone together, they take solace in slow kisses and sensual nights.  Yet while Elena may be content to hide from the world, Alex is driven to reclaim his place atop it.  This time, he’s determined to take her with him.

Solace in Scandal excerpt

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High School Reunion

Genre: Contemporary, humorous erotica

Tara Hanson is having a crisis – a common crisis for a twenty-eight year old woman, but a crisis nonetheless. Her problem? Her ten-year high school reunion is approaching fast, and she’s not ready. It’s shallow, she knows, but she wants to set her old classmates on their ears. She’s got a good job, but she needs the whole package if she’s going to succeed. That would, of course, include an awesome car, a killer body, and a mouthwatering hunk on her arm. An eventful visit to the gym shows her that she may be able to get two birds with one stone. Personal trainer Jake Logan is a spine-tingling, knee-weakening, hunk of burning love. She just has to find a way to convince him to be on her arm when the boasting at the reunion begins!

High School Reunion excerpt

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