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Hell to Pay excerpt

An Excerpt from:  HELL TO PAY

Woman standing behind muscled man wraps her arms around his body.

© Copyright KIMBERLY DEAN, 2009.

“I’m sorry if he bothered you,” Cassidy said quietly.

In one smooth rolling motion, Rafer pushed himself to his feet. “He seems to be spending as much time over here as he is at his own home.”

“I know.” Her heart took off like a racehorse as her enemy approached her. Tall and lean, he moved in a way that was just… sexual. Or menacing. There was such a fine line between the two. Like a tiger on the hunt, he had a lethal beauty that she couldn’t tear her gaze from.

And God, he was beautiful. Dark-haired, blue-eyed and hard-muscled.

“I’m beginning to think you send him over here intentionally,” he said, stalking towards her.

“No! I swear.”

“Are you trying to rile me, Cassidy?”

Her mouth went dry.

When he stopped, he was in her space. “Because it’s working.”

Pinpricks caught her skin. “He just seems intent on exploring. Something over here must have caught his interest.”

Something or someone… Razor blue eyes suddenly focused on her, seemingly peering into her soul, and her stomach dropped to somewhere around her feet. She knew she had always had a fascination for things that frightened her. Thunderstorms, horror movies, this man

“That doesn’t make it all right.” His voice had gotten even lower and raspier.


Embarrassment crept through her when her nipples tightened almost painfully. “I know. You’re right. I’ll keep a closer eye on him.”

“Not good enough.” He stepped closer until their bodies nearly brushed.

“I warned you,” he said quietly. “What did I tell you would happen if I found him on my land again?”

His jaw was tense, a muscle throbbing way back under his ear. He radiated heat, frustration and aggression.

And pure and utter temptation.

“What did I tell you, Cass?”

Every muscle in her body trembled. “There’d be hell to pay.”

“That’s right.” His blue eyes flashed. “And the devil is here to collect.”

His hand suddenly lifted, and Cassidy flinched. Something dark and heated passed across his face, yet he hesitated. When he moved again, there was no time for her to react. But instead of striking or shaking her, he did something entirely unexpected.

He kissed her.

His fingers curled around the nape of her neck and pulled her forward as his head came down. His lips settled on hers, hot and bold. The kiss was fast and frenzied, his lips searching out hers as his tongue pressed forward. His fingers tightened against the base of her skull, almost as if afraid she’d pull away before he got a taste of her.

There was no danger of that.

Cassidy was so shocked she couldn’t move. So confused, she didn’t realize she had the option of fight or flight.

When his tongue rasped against hers, she didn’t try to struggle. She wanted to run even less. Pleasure consumed her, thick and warm. It clouded her head, pushing out all thoughts of suspicion or fear.

He slowed down. His fingers gentled, caressing instead of restraining. A sound left the base of his throat as their tongues tangled and their lips meshed.

The kiss was dangerous. Defiant. And delicious.

When he pulled back, Cassidy could hardly breathe. Yet her lungs were expanding and contracting like an accordion. She stood frozen, staring blindly at his chest. His white Western-style shirt was halfway open, showing tanned skin stretched over hard muscles.  Smooth, touchable skin…

Her fingers curled.

His head was still tilted down next to hers. His breaths brushed against her temple, hot and hitched. His cheek brushed against her hair, and her brain began firing fast.

Rafer Long.

Kissing her.



Her chin lifted and she found his blue eyes watching her. Watching and evaluating. The suspicion came back, dark and intense. The questions were on the tip of her tongue.

“No,” he said sharply. “Don’t.”


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