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New Year, Old Flame excerpt

An Excerpt From:  NEW YEAR, OLD FLAME

Silhouette of couple kissing on a road lined with holiday lights.

by Kimberly Dean


He itched to do something. What, he didn’t quite know. All he knew was that he didn’t like seeing her like this. Love her or hate her, she just wasn’t being Lita.

She blinked faster. “Thanks for your concern. It’s big of you. Especially considering… Well, you know.”

“What are you talking about?”

She stared at his hand clenched around her doorframe. “I know you don’t like me much.”

The quiet words were like a kick in the gut, but he couldn’t say anything.

Because it was true. Or it had been…

He stared at her hard, and the fission between them grew. “That was a long time ago.”

“I know.” She shrugged, but it didn’t come off as nonchalantly as she wanted. “But I understand. I was terrible to you.”

Terrible? She’d broken his teenage heart.

When she moved to get in the car, though, his reaction was automatic. He blocked her way. She bumped up against him, and he caught her by the nape of the neck.

Their gazes locked. Snow continued to fall silently around them, but neither of them noticed. They were both suddenly caught up in a world of awareness. A world of might have beens…

Something inside Troy sent up a flare of warning, but he ignored it. She just looked so sad. So apologetic. So sexy…

“You don’t understand anything,” he said, his voice gruff.

Then dropping his head, he did something he knew he absolutely shouldn’t do.

Something he shouldn’t have been thinking about for weeks.

Something that could only lead to trouble.

He kissed her.

And immediately forgot why it was such a bad idea.

Her lips were warm and soft, dampened by the midnight snow. He brushed his lips back and forth over hers, savoring the feel. She went stone still, and her breaths hitched. He could feel the soft puffs against his tongue.

“Troy,” she whispered.

Hesitantly, she laid her hands against his chest. It made his heart thud until he could hear it in his ears. Slowly, she stroked that delicious touch up his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. The position brought their bodies together. Her belly bumped up against him, and Troy tensed.

He was hard. He’d gotten hard when she’d first rolled down that window and said his name. Her husky voice had always had that effect on him.

The little vixen.

He pulled back to look at her and nearly groaned aloud. Her chocolate eyes were wide and her lips were parted, waiting for him. Her dark hair felt like rough silk against the back of his hand. Her belly felt even better against his hungry cock.

She was bad for him. An addictive poison. A bomb wrapped up in a pretty bow.

Naturally, he wanted her more than anything else in the world.

His hand at her neck slid into her hair and fisted tight. When their lips came together this time, there was nothing slow or easy about it. All the tension that had been snapping around them for years lashed out, and the kiss went from hot to searing in two seconds flat. She groaned as his tongue thrust deep into her mouth, and the sound went right through him. He pressed closer until their bodies sealed together from chest to knee. She rubbed against him, but it wasn’t enough.

He wanted skin.

“Does it feel like I don’t like you?” he growled as he boldly slid his other hand down to her ass.

“Troy,” she groaned.

Her fingers dove into his hair and nearly knocked his hat off his head. Her tongue batted against his in a frantic, wet kiss, and they stumbled until she was leaning back against her car. He hitched her higher until she was sitting on the hood, and she lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist. The moment she trapped him, Troy’s body shuddered.

But then he went dangerously still.

“Shit.” He broke the kiss, and their heavy breaths clouded the air as they looked at each other.

He’d remembered why this was such a bad, bad idea.


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