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Category: Contests

Risk-taking Readers + Giveaway Winner

The winner of my Courting Danger giveaway is Tiana!  Congrats.  Enjoy your Sportsman Series Hand Crank/Solar Powered Emergency Radio.

Also, I ran a poll as part of the giveaway.  Here are the results:

Following the Danger theme: How much risk do you take when buying a book from an author new to you?

Freebie –  16%
99 cents –  10%
$1.99 –  13%
$2.99 –  5%
$3.99 or above –  1%
Price isn’t as important if the book looks good or was recommended –  55%

Dream Themes & Contest Winner

Earlier this year’s, I blogged about the most common dream themes and what they’re thought to mean.  I just took a poll with my newsletter giveaway contest to see how these themes stacked up.  Out of 185 participants, here are the results:

  1. Being chased – 30%  [Avoidance, need to face a problem, drive or ambition (for chaser)]
  2. Falling – 23%  [Red flag for major problems at work or relationships]
  3. Showing up late – 15% [Being overwhelmed, doing too much]
  4. Flying – 9%  [Out of control situation, sign to let go, new perspective, freedom]
  5. Cheating – 5%  [Lack of trust in romantic relationship, compromised beliefs or integrity]
  6. Death – 5%  [A wish to terminate a job or a relationship, a wish to start something new]
  7. Test-taking – 4%  [Work stress, being scrutinized, anxiety]
  8. Teeth – 4%  [Vanity, powerlessness, deception]
  9. Snakes – 3%  Fear of the unknown, hidden threats, sexual temptation, transformation]
  10. Showing up to work/school naked – 2%  [Vulnerability, anxiety, fear of being exposed]

Fascinating stuff there!

Also, congratulations to BethAnn for winning the Dreamer Light-Show Projector.


Dream Bear Giveaway Results

day dreamer bearCongratulations to Micielle, who was the winner of my Dreaming Bear Outdoor Decoration.  Micielle has been a newsletter recipient since October 2014. This giveaway was to celebrate the kickoff of my Dream Weaver series.

If you’re interested in my giveaways, join my newsletter!

The survey results this time were what I expected.  The question was, “What time of year do you read most?”

About the same year-round – 78%Winter – 11%
Summer – 7%
Fall – 3%
Spring – 1%

There are some voracious readers out there!  Gotta love that!

Dream Man Print Copy Winners & Survey Results

Congratulations to Jackie and Andra for winning print copies of Dream Man in my newsletter blast giveaway.

As always, the survey results were quite interesting.  The question was about readers’ feelings about who produces the books they read.  It’s really telling of the times.  Below you can see how the answers rated:


Q:  What are your thoughts on independently published books versus those produced by publishing houses?

A1:  I don’t care – 49%
A2:  I can’t tell the difference – 40%
A3:  I prefer publishing house books – 5%
A3:  I prefer self-pubbed books – 5% (in a tie)
A5:  What are you talking about? – 2%

As a hybrid author who writes with a publishing house and produces her own books on the side, I LOVE those answers.  Everybody just needs to make sure to up their game.

What do you think of the results?  Are they what you expected or are there some surprises in there?


Newsletter Giveaway & Poll Results

Congratulations to Susan and Justine, who were the winners of my newsletter giveaway.  Both will receive a print copy of In Her Wildest Dreams.

I also have the results of the poll that asked which genre of my stories you like best.  The way the numbers fell out was super interesting.  To me, at least!

  1. All of the above = 33%
  2. Never read a Kimberly Dean story = 22% (Hi, new readers!)
  3. Paranormal = 18%
  4. Contemporary = 12 %
  5. All of the above (except erotica) = 12%
  6. Erotica = 4%

Thanks for participating!