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Courting Suspicion – Deleted Scene #amwriting

Well, maybe deleted.  I like it enough I might find a way to sneak it back in.  It’s short, but I think it describes Nina and her detective’s relationship perfectly.  This is a work that’s still in progress.  Heavily in progress.  I’m racing towards a deadline here, but I plucked this out just to share and get feedback.  Here it is:


He tapped his thumb against the handle of his coffee mug. She hid so much beneath that smooth porcelain exterior. It made him itch to chip away at it.

But she was tired, and he felt like he’d been run over by a Mack truck.

No, picking at her wasn’t the way to go. That wasn’t the way to get her to respond. He knew a better way. His gaze slid to her lips. When she caught him, she flinched. Oh yeah, there were better tactics to get her to talk, but not even he was brave enough to kiss her right now. With those heels, she was liable to hobble him.


What do you think?  Save it or toss it?

Back to Work

Now that most of the holiday is over, I’m back in the writing cave.  I’m currently working on Nina and Josh’s story, tentatively titled Courting Suspicion.  I’m pushing hard to see how much I can get finished by the end of the year.  Mischief is designing the cover as we speak.  This one is coming together fast, but I’m working hard to do the story justice.  I love these two characters and the unique chemistry they have together.  If everything goes according to schedule, you should see it by spring of 2016.

Work-in-Progress: Courting Suspicion

For those of you who have been asking…  Yes, I’m working on the next book in the Courting series.  Yes, it will be Nina and Detective Morgan’s story.  It’s tentatively titled Courting Suspicion.  That’s about as much as I can tell you right now.  I’m still working out all the deadlines with Mischief.  I’m feeling the pressure, because I want to give them the story they deserve.  I love these two characters.  Very exciting stuff.

#ScintillatingSunday Excerpt from Courting Jealousy 2 #freebie #romance

Excerpt from Courting Jealousy 2

“But… isn’t being an escort all about the lie?”

“If you’re asking if I enjoyed spending time with kind, witty women, then I’ll tell you I did.” Purposefully, he caught her breast and squeezed. “But I guarantee I didn’t touch them.”

Noelle’s nipple jabbed into the cup of her bra.

“Little touches,” he said gruffly. “Or big.”

“Oh.” She gasped when he began prodding at her nipple with his thumb.

“You’re special to me, Noelle. I touch you because it’s all I can do to keep my hands off you.”

She clutched at the bridge railing when his other hand swept down to her jeans and began tugging at her zipper. Her eyes widened, and she looked around nervously. There was nobody else in sight, and she didn’t stop him. It was shocking, yet somehow natural to be with him like this out in the middle of the wild.

And she’d wondered if lightning could strike again…

courting jealousy 2-200x300

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Courting Jealousy 2 #free #ebook #romance

Surprise!  Noelle and Dane are back in Courting Jealousy 2.  Available now!

courting jealousy 2-200x300

When Noelle starts a romance with ex-escort Dane, she has to learn to deal with jealousy – other women’s and her own. It’s not easy dating a handsome, hot alpha male, but somebody has to do it!

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Courting Danger #ScintillatingSunday Excerpt

Excerpt from Courting Danger

His hands settled at her waist, and he moved up close behind her. Their gazes locked in the window. ‘Go ahead and yell. Chew me out until you’re good and done.’


‘I can take it.’

Her lips twisted. ‘I can’t think of anything to say right now.’

That tiny smile pulled at his lips.

‘I’m sorry I caused problems for you.’ His heat seeped into her back, and his hands felt strong on her waist. ‘But that’s all I’m sorry for.’

Rielle licked her lips. She knew better than this.

His lips brushed against her temple. ‘You’re a complication I didn’t expect.’CourtingDanger HI RES_web

She was a complication?

He slowly swept her hair to the side. When he pressed his lips against the back of her neck, a shiver went down her back. All the way down. The dress was only partially zipped, and her exposed skin flashed hot and cold.

He kissed lower, between her shoulder blades, and she knew the exact moment he saw how bare she was. His teeth scraped against her spine, and his fingers bit into her sides.

Her own breaths came hard in her throat. He saw right through her. How could he read her like he did? She barely knew herself any more.

She felt him exhale in a shuddering breath, and she caught at the window frame.

He was fighting against the crazy impulse as much as she was, but then his hands moved from her waist. A moan caught in her throat when he undid the zipper all the way and his hands slid inside, skin against skin.

He was so dangerous for her.

‘Tell me your name,’ she whispered. Her belly quivered.

‘It’s safer for you not to know.’


His hands slid upwards and closed over her breasts. He cupped them possessively as his mouth settled against her neck. Rielle trembled, and her head fell back against his shoulder.

She’d left the safe zone a long time ago.


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Courting Danger Release Day! #romance #suspense

CourtingDanger HI RES_webCOURTING DANGER (Book 3)

Genre: Erotic Romance

Rielle Sands ventured too close to the fire once and got burned. Now when it comes to men, she’s vowed to play it safe. But then a dashing, mysterious man shows up at Luxxor Limited after hours, the agency she manages, needing an escort.

Darien Scott isn’t what he appears to be. Beneath the sexy smile and wicked charm, he’s hiding secrets. Yet the sizzling chemistry between him and Rielle is real. He tries to stay away, but his attraction to her keeps pulling him back. When he discovers that he’s not the only one haunted by danger, he changes tactics. To protect Rielle, he may need to stay close. Super close. Exclusive Luxxor contract close.

The reward is more than worth the risk.

Courting Danger excerpt

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Courting Danger – Bonus Excerpt

CourtingDanger HI RES_web

Courting Danger – releases tomorrow!


His hand was warm and callused as it took hers once again to help her to her feet. Her dress flared out, tangling amongst their legs, but she simply laughed.

She smiled up at him. ‘Thank you. It really has been the best night of my life.’

They were standing at the verge of the streetlight’s luminosity. It barely reached to them, but she saw his blue eyes spark.

‘There’s just one thing that would make it better,’ he said, his voice low.

He gave her a moment, a split-second to process and decide. And then he moved in.

His head dipped, and his lips covered hers. Those raging hormones inside Rielle leapt. It wasn’t a polite first kiss or even a kiss that sought a reaction. It was the full-blooded, mind-blowing kiss of a man who knew how to touch a woman.

And wanted to.

He didn’t overpower, and he didn’t push. He simply wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled her close. Closer than they’d been on the dance floor. Their bodies were flush. Her breasts were plumped hard against his chest, and his hips burrowed into the notch between her legs. One of his hands slid under her hair, and he cupped the back of her neck as his mouth…

There was no other way to describe it. He made love to her mouth in a slow, deep kiss that shot to hell all her preconceived notions of intimacy.

The ache inside her began to pulse. It was hungry, needy, demanding.

She clung to him, kissing him back with everything she had. It was a kiss suited for the bedroom, with no clothes between them. It was a kiss that blasted away her thought processes, her doubts, and her self-consciousness.

One of the shoulder straps slid down. Her hands were in his hair, and his bow tie had somehow come undone.

Oh, God, she wanted him. In the back seat of the car. Up in the office. Back at her place. She didn’t care where.


The sharp cry carried across the parking lot like a javelin.

Mel slowly lifted her upright and his mouth broke apart from hers. It was only then that she realised he’d dipped her. ‘I think that means it’s time to go.’

She held onto his lapels, trying to orient herself. ‘What?’

‘Best night of my life, too, Beautiful. That’s the truth. Remember that.’

He stole another quick kiss before pulling away and getting back in the car. He seemed to move in slow motion, but the car had pulled out of the parking lot and was past the streetlight by the time Nina raced up to her in her high heels.

‘Oh my God, Rielle. Where have you been? Are you okay? We’ve been so worried about you.’


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Courting Danger Twitter Party!

CourtingDanger HI RES_web



The World of My Imagination is throwing a Twitter Party for Courting Danger.  Come celebrate with me on Twitter on Sunday, November 1 at 2 PM Pacific Time.  There will be prizes and opportunities for you to ask questions about the book, the series, and whatever else has captured your imagination.  Come join me for the fun — and be sure to RSVP to be eligible to win!