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Category: Dream Weavers

Excerpt from Dream Walker

KimberlyDean_DreamWalker_webTake a walk on the wild side!
Dream Walker – coming September 29th

He’d let her fall asleep.

It was the first clear thought that ran through Shea’s mind when she opened her eyes. That and the fact that Derek was still with her. His heat pressed against her back, and his arm draped heavily across her waist. They were lying side by side on her bed, her body tucked up close against his.

Yet even as she responded in pleasure, she tensed.

Darkness was falling. They’d spent the day making love, and now the sun was setting. Night was creeping in. She stared at the oil painting that hung on the wall until her nerves began to crawl. Even the littlest thing could set her Somnambulist off—and today had been anything but normal—yet she’d let herself be lulled into sleep.

What had she been thinking?

“There you are,” a deep voice rumbled. The hand against her stomach flexed, and she was pulled more tightly against the big male form behind her.

A muscled thigh slipped between her legs, and Shea arched as a soft kiss was placed on the side of her neck. The intimate embrace had her groaning. Obviously, she hadn’t been thinking. Her brain had been shorted out, disconnected, and thrown right into the bathwater.

How could she have let her guard down like that? The freedom had been fantastic, arousing and intoxicating as fine wine, but how could she have forgotten what had been happening to her? What had happened just this morning?

Had she… Oh, God. Had she done anything in her sleep? With Derek here?

“How long have I been out?” she asked in a rush.

“Not long.”

That rumbling voice was too disconcerting, too sexy. She had to look into his eyes. Tucking the sheet up high under her arms, she rolled over to face him. When she did, her breath caught in her chest. His short hair was mussed, and dark shadows lined his jaw. The bad boy look didn’t fit his character, but it was so incredibly hot she had to press her legs together.

Unable to help herself, she let her gaze drop. She took in the well-drawn lines of his body, his muscled chest and rippling abs, but the sheet sitting low on his hips wasn’t what made her look up again. It was the relaxed look on his face. She’d never seen him so calm, so relaxed, so at ease in the moment. It made her belly warm.

Relaxed had to be good, right? If she’d gotten up and danced zombie pirouettes around the bedroom, he wouldn’t be relaxed.

Or so obviously ready to make love to her again.


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Dream Walker Blurb

KimberlyDean_DreamWalker_webResearch scientist Shea Caldwell has always had a thing for security consultant, Derek Oneiros. He’s smart, handsome, and built like a Greek god. As attracted as she is to him, though, she’s afraid to let him into her bed – because she’s dangerous when she sleeps.

Derek is known among his brothers as “The Machine,” yet his carefully cultivated control is put to the test whenever he’s around Shea. The woman is as beautiful as she is intelligent, but they’ve always kept things professional – until Derek learns why. Shea is sleepwalking again, but what she doesn’t know is that he may be the only one who can help her. For he is a Greek daemon, and he’s charged with protecting her dreams.

With Shea threatened, Derek makes things personal, and their nights together turn steamy and intimate. He’s ready to battle against the Somnambulist that’s been controlling his lover in her sleep, yet is the night creature really causing all the harm? When Shea’s groundbreaking research notes are stolen, it’s clear that other evil forces may be at work.

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On a Roll: Dream Walker off to Copyeditor

Things are cruising so well right now, I don’t want to jinx them.  I dove head first into Dream Walker, the follow-up to Dream Man, and I love the way it turned out.  I’ve sent it off to the copyeditor to make sure I’ve crossed all my t’s and dotted all my i’s.  Copyeditors are the detail-oriented editors who correct your grammar, spelling, and continuity.  They are super-helpful.  After I’ve looked at a manuscript for too long, I can’t see the forest for the trees anymore.

Keep an eye out here for more information about Dream Walker.  It will be coming your way soon.

All I Have to Do is Dream

KimberlyDean_DreamMan800It’s always interesting what I run across when I’m doing research for a story.  For my Dream Weaver series, which kicks off with Dream Man, I did a lot of research on the subject of dreaming.  It was fascinating to learn about the sleep stages, what happens during REM, and what dreams might mean.  Yet one article I kept regarded daydreams or mind wandering.[1]

According to research results, on average people aren’t thinking about what they’re doing thirty to forty percent of the time.  That’s a lot!  The human brain just seems hard-wired to wander.  Most often, the mind slips to everyday things such as “to do” lists.  Fantasies are the next most common, with worries coming in third.  In this way, the human mind seems to devote time to problem solving or planning for the future.

My wandering thoughts are like everyone else’s…  I go to my “to do” list.  Yet my “to do” list includes my writing.  If I’m stuck on something, the answer often comes to me in these little flashes of random thought.  If I think too hard, though, the answers just won’t come.

So how do your daydreams work?  Do you get more than grocery lists and carpooling schedules?  Do you think the list is in the right order?  I’m curious about what’s more interesting – your daydreams or the ones you have at night?

[1] Science Paying Attention to Not Paying Attention by Malcom Ritter, Associated Press,

Dream Time

KimberlyDean_DreamMan800I had a variation of the test-taking dream last night.  I was involved in a long and desperate search to find a clean Post-It note.  I’d noticed that a friend (okay, it was Sylvia Day) was staying in a hotel room next to mine, and I wanted to leave a note on her door that I was there.  The problem was that I couldn’t find a clean piece of paper, no matter how hard I tried.  Everything had scribbles on it.  I kept flipping through a stack of Post Its, wondering why they hadn’t been thrown away.  I don’t know why I couldn’t just leave a phone message or actually knock on the door.

Dreams are weird that way.

Yet if I try to analyze this one, I think I know what it means.  To me, it most closely matches the test-taking dream, because it was all about paper and writing and a time limit.  (I needed to get the note posted before she left.)  If I look back to what the dream analysts say about the test taking dream, it’s about work stress, being scrutinized, and/or anxiety.  I’m deep into my current work-in-progress, and a deadline is looming.  I spent a full day at the keyboard yesterday.  By that, I mean 9:00 am – 9:00 pm (with a few breaks.)  As for Sylvia being in the dream – I have no idea what that meant.  Ha!

Yeah, my Dream Weaver has been hard at work.


Dream Man excerpt

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The Dream State

Another fascinating thing about dreaming is not only what we dream, but how our bodies function while dreaming.  You probably know that during REM sleep, a dreamer’s eyes twitch back and forth, but did you know the following happens?

  • Heart rate increases
  • Breathing becomes more rapid
  • Body temperature increases
  • Brain wave pattern changes
  • Large muscles are paralyzed (so we can’t act out our dreams)
  • Small muscles around the mouth and fingers twitch
  • Sexual arousal

Yes!  I knew there was a reason I wrote a paranormal erotic romance series about dreaming.  🙂

Dream Man (Dream Weavers, Book 1) – Kindle U.S.Kindle U.K.NookiBook │KoboAll Romance Ebooks

Dream Man “Hot and Swoon Worthy” Excerpt

KimberlyDean_DreamMan800Dream Man

Genre: Paranormal romance
Dream Weavers, Book 1
Copyright Kimberly Dean, 2015

* * *

Every muscle in Cael’s body went rock hard. Somehow, some way, she’d managed to infiltrate his world… and all for the sole purpose of being with him. “Devon,” he said gruffly.

She tried to buck him off her again. “Let me go.”

Not on her life.

“It’s okay, Red,” he whispered into her ear. “Everything’s going to be all right.”

Arousal filled him, but her body hummed with tension. She was afraid of him. She was afraid of the night, of the unknown.

And that was the key—the unknown.

Suddenly, Cael felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility rise up in him. She was innocent in all of this. She didn’t realize what her love spell had done. She didn’t know the line she’d crossed or the danger she was in. One way or the other, he had to keep it that way. But how?

He nearly groaned. Playing along with her theory would be the most obvious solution. Not only would a hot little dream cover all her questions nicely, he wasn’t a saint. She’d come to him for sex.

“Am I really your dream man?” he asked quietly.

The pulse at the base of her throat fluttered, yet she looked at him as if he was an advancing tiger. “Not anymore.”

He trailed his finger along the line of her jaw. “You’re my fantasy woman.”

Her forehead furrowed. “Did I mention I think I’m going insane?”

A corner of his mouth curled upward. “I’m crazy about you, too.”

Rubbing his body slowly against hers, he kissed away the tears on her cheek.

She went still. When she didn’t push him away, he moved up to her earlobe and gave it a soft nip. “Kiss me,” he said.

“I just want to wake up.”

“No, you don’t.” He dipped his tongue into her ear, and her eyelids went heavy. Cael’s blood started to bubble. She wasn’t the only one living out a fantasy. The kisses he’d stolen the other night had only whetted his appetite. He wanted more.

Slanting his mouth across hers, he kissed her like he’d always wanted. He let go of her wrists and tangled his hand into the thickness of her hair. His tongue swept deep, searching for more sweetness.

He growled in his throat when he found it.


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Dream On

My new release, Dream Man, is about an unknowing witch who casts a love spell and meets her Dream Weaver. As I was writing the story, I did a lot of research into sleep and dreams. Everyone dreams over the course of a night, but researchers still argue about why. Some believe it’s just random firing of nerves. Others believe it’s the brain’s way of trying to sort through problems. There are dream themes that are common, but dream analysts debate over their meanings, too.

  • Falling – Red flag for major problems at work or relationships
  • Showing up to school/work naked – Vulnerability, anxiety, fear of being exposed
  • Death – A wish to terminate a job or a relationship, a wish to start something new
  • Cheating – Lack of trust in romantic relationship, compromised beliefs or integrity
  • Test-taking – Work stress, being scrutinized, anxiety
  • Being chased – Avoidance, need to face a problem, drive or ambition (for chaser)
  • Showing up late – Being overwhelmed, doing too much
  • Flying – Out of control situation, sign to let go, new perspective, freedom
  • Snake – Fear of the unknown, hidden threats, sexual temptation, transformation
  •  Teeth – Vanity, powerlessness, deception

I don’t remember ever dreaming about teeth, but I’ve had most of the others. My most common dream would be the one where I’m taking a test. I hate that dream, because I always wake up feeling stressed. What dreams do you have most often? What do you think they mean?