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Ellora’s Cave Reduced Prices

Ellora’s Cave has dropped the prices on their older titles.  You can get a real bargain right now on some of my e-books if you purchase through their website.

Fever  $1.99

Hypnotica  $0.99

On The Prowl  $0.99

Amazon and Barnes and Noble have also lowered their prices on these titles.  If you haven’t read my work before or missed some older books, now’s the time to give them a try.

Excerpt from EVERLASTING

As promised, here is an excerpt from my upcoming release, Everlasting.  Hope you like it!

An Excerpt From:  EVERLASTING
© Copyright KIMBERLY DEAN, 2011

The bellboy led her all the way down the hall to the end.  He opened the door to her room, set her bag on the bed and waited expectantly – not for a tip, but for her reaction.   She could tell by the way he stared at her face.  She began searching her pocketbook anyway, but the moment she looked up, all other thoughts vanished.

An overwhelming sense of home had hit her.  Wordlessly, she headed to the window.  She pulled back the curtains, but darkness made her reflection stare back at her.  The night clerk had been right, though.  The view would be magnificent in the morning.  She could picture the cape extending out into the water in blatant disregard of the ocean’s currents.  The two would be forever at battle, land versus the sea.

She suddenly noticed the bellboy’s reflection in the window – and the way his gaze was sliding with interest down her body.

“Thank you,” she said, shoving a few bills in his hand.

He got the message.  “Enjoy your stay,” he said as he reluctantly backed out of the room.

The moment he closed the door, he was forgotten.  Chevon looked around the room, soaking it all in.  The sights, the smells, the feelings…  A handmade quilt covered the bed.  A tall armoire stood against the side wall in the only open space available, and a bathroom occupied what had to have once been a closet.  She looked at the thick, cushiony carpet under her feet.

She preferred the hardwood floors.

“God, what is going on?”  She swung her purse onto the bed and dropped down next to it.  The drive had been stressful, but her senses had been on red alert ever since she’d first felt the fog brush against her skin.  This inn was evoking all kinds of strange sensations, and her nerves were tied into knots.

She pushed away from the bed.  She felt restless, both mentally and physically.  It was as if her body had been awakened.  Unfamiliar wants and needs were pressing on her.  Shakily, she unzipped her bag and pulled out her nightgown and robe.  Turning on her heel, she headed to the bathroom.

She closed the door behind her and sagged against it.  The vibes in this house were strong, but those in the bedroom were nearly overpowering.

She’d sensed passion and lust.  Pure, unbridled lust.

Just like she’d felt down by the fireplace.

Warily, she looked at herself in the mirror.  Her skin was pale, but her eyes looked huge.  It had to be fatigue.  She’d been going non-stop for too long and her mind was starting to rebel.  That had to be it.

Gathering herself, she started to peel her damp clothes from her body.  She looked at the silk nightgown shyly.  She didn’t know why she’d brought it.  It was the sexiest thing she owned… the only sexy thing she owned.  She’d bought it on an impulse, but right now she didn’t know if she’d be able to stand the way it felt against her body.  Her nipples ached, and her skin felt too sensitive.

Still, it was either that or sleep naked – something that was just a little too scandalous for her, no matter how much the idea excited her.  Resolutely, she lifted the white fabric over her head and let it slip down over her curves.  She bit her lip to fight back a moan.  The stroke of silk was sinful.  Absolutely sinful and so, so good.

She looked at herself in the mirror again.  The slinky gown fit her like a dream.  It was unlike anything she’d ever owned, but once she’d seen it at the store she’d had to have it.  It hugged her curves and teasingly showed off flashes of skin.  The side slit came to nearly her waist, and the revealing neckline displayed the swell of her breasts.  The sheerness did nothing to hide the press of her nipples.  If anything, it showed them off as her best feature.

Her body began to quiver.  Quickly, she pushed her arms into the matching robe.  She was tying the belt in a knot when she walked back into the bedroom.

One look at the bed, though, and she had to press her legs together hard.  God, she couldn’t stand it.  She swiped her key off the dresser, put it in her pocket, and turned towards the door.

She came up short when she found Sarah just about to knock.  “Oh!  Hello, dear.  I brought you some more towels.  Is the room… comfortable to you?”

Chevon’s body squeezed in unfulfilled arousal.  “It’s fine.  Beautiful.”

“Were you in need of something else?”

She was, but this woman couldn’t provide it.  “I just want to sit in the gazebo and relax for a while.”

One of Sarah’s eyebrows lifted.

“The weather won’t bother me.”

“I was just wondering how you knew we had a gazebo.”  The woman passed her the towels and stepped back.  “Have a good night, Ms. Arlette.  We’re very happy to have you here.”

Chevon’s head began to hurt as she watched the woman leave.  She didn’t know how she knew these things – or why she felt these things – but her body refused to wait any longer.  Hurriedly, she tossed the towels on the bed and turned for the rear staircase.  The back door slammed shut as she burst out of it.  Alone outside, she took deep calming breaths.  The fog still shifted and swayed, but the moon was now directly overhead.  It generated more light than before, and she saw the gazebo waiting for her at the edge of the woods.

Right where she’d known it would be.


Surprise package

I received a nice surprise in the mail yesterday.  Wicked Words 5 has been translated to German!  I’m not sure what surprised me the most — that I received my author’s copy out of the blue or that it was actually released in 2009.  Ha!  It was a good surprise, all the way around.  Authors rarely know when their books are being translated (or at least I don’t.)   Yet I’ve been lucky enough to have some of my works translated into German, French, and Japanese.  I love the fact that it gives more people the opportunity to read my stories.  And I’ve said it before, but the Germans are not shy with their covers!

Here are some links if you’re interested in buying Heiss Und Sundig, Scharfe Stories, which includes the German version of my story, Spiel mit dem Feuer (Playing With Fire):

Amazon   PrintKindle


June Stunk

The month of June was not a good one for me.  It seemed that everything that could go wrong did.  But right at the end of the month, there was a big turn-around and everything seems to be going in the right direction now.  I’m writing again after a bit of downtime, and I’ve gotten over a bit of a creative speed bump.  I guess life needs its high points and low ones so you’ll appreciate it more.

Now July is here and I’m thrilled it’s summer.  I’ve spent more time outside soaking up the sun in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years.  It’s amazing how fresh air and warm temperatures can improve one’s outlook.  Good times are waiting to be had, and I’m looking forward to where this month will take me — and my writing.

Hope your summer is off to a good start.  And if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope it’s not too cold.

Spring fever

It’s so difficult to write when spring starts to arrive.  Like everyone else, I want to be outside reveling in the warmer temps, planting flowers, and enjoying the sunshine.  My productivity always falls around this time every year.  Maybe that’s why I’m perversely happy that rain is predicted for all of next week — and maybe that has something to do with my newly planted grass seed.  If I can’t go outside, I might as well write.  Either way, a change of seasons means a change in attitude and a change of pace.

So does spring reinvigorate you?  Are you diving into new projects or opportunities?  How do you get yourself out of your winter rut?

Good Guys Finish Last

I was going to name the post “Character Development”, but that just sounded too boring.  I’ve been working a lot on this issue lately, and it occurred to me how much easier it is to write villains.  Why, I wondered… but the answer wasn’t far away.  I think we see a lot of them in our real lives.  In your day job, is it the most qualified person who gets promoted?  Or is it the manipulative wench who presents others’ work as her own?  Who gets the last seat on the bus?  The tired waitress with aching feet or the teenage snot who darts in front of her?  And don’t even get me started on cellphone etiquette and the like…  My point is that we see and experience these kinds of behavior too much, and it sticks in our craw.  We want to see those evil people get theirs, but does that ever happen?  That we can actually see?  Or is it years and years in coming?

Good guys don’t make as big of an impact on us, for some reason, and that’s a shame.  We see someone plug a nickel in a stranger’s parking meter and think “awww”.  But then it’s gone in a blip.  A guy might help clear snow off their neighbor’s driveway, but when the big windstorm comes through town, whose tree is going to fall on his house?  It’s sad and it’s not right, but it’s true more often than not.  Good guys finish last.

I think that’s why we enjoy books so much.  In 300 pages, the bad guy always gets caught up in their own web.  The good guy triumphs AND gets the girl.  But I guess that’s why we call it fiction.

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s that time again — the time to make New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve made some specifically related to writing, which I thought I’d share.  They say that makes a person more apt to stick to them.  We’ll see about that.  Now, every writer has goals relating to the number of manuscripts to write, sales, publishing houses, agents, etc., but I consider those to be more of a business plan.  The following are things I can actually control, or try to…

In 2011, I resolve to:

1)  Get my current work-in-process out the door by January 31.  (It will be close, but this is the resolution I’m most serious about so there is a chance it will happen.)

2)  Not to let others get inside my head to tell me what/how/when to write.   (I’ve been doing much better at this.  I call it the pbbffftttt resolution — as in “pbbffftttt on you.”)

3)  Not to get stuck on on difficult paragraph or scene for an hour, a day, a week, or more.  (Just stop the insanity.)

4)  To only play one game of Spider Solitaire before starting to write for the day.  Okay, two max.  (I do not have to win to have a good writing session.)

5)  To blog at least every other week.  (You know that will be the first resolution broken, but I needed to get up to 5.)

So there they are, my goals to increase my productivity and reduce my headaches.  Unfortunately, I am a creature of habit.  I’ll try to keep you updated on how things go (if I can stick to Res. #5.)  So what are your resolutions for the new year?  Any secrets to keeping them?

The idiosyncrasies of time

Why does time never do what we want it to do?  Whenever I’m doing something boring or sitting somewhere I don’t want to be, time slows to a crawl.  It creeps along, as if taunting me.  I dream of free time when I can do what I want to do — yet when it gets here that fiend, time, starts to fly.  It zips along, gaining speed, until poof! It’s gone.  It’s never long enough to accomplish whatever I wanted or needed to do.  Why is that?  Why can’t time be more cooperative?

Any ideas out there on how to wrestle time and win?  Because right now, it’s besting me.

Hard work

I started working on a major landscaping project about a month ago.  It’s something that has been bugging me for years, and I was always looking for a solution.  Landscaping companies cringed whenever I requested a quote.  Access is difficult, due to steep terrain.  They couldn’t get their equipment in to do the work — or they wanted to charge a gazillion dollars for the effort.  Finally, it occurred to me that I did have access and I had the right equipment… a shovel and a wheelbarrow.  Definitely not high tech, but they could get the job done.

Now people have told me it’s too much.  I’m tackling something that’s too big.  Yes, it’s hot, sweaty, tiring, mosquito-infested work.  But you know what?  I’m getting it done.  I just started working on the project a bit at a time, in regular intervals — and I’m seeing results.  Bit by bit, my project is shaping up.  So am I.  A side benefit has been less time at the gym.  I’m working harder than I would be if I was watching television while on the cross-trainer, and I’m being productive.  I might not finish before winter hits, but this project has been just sitting there for years.  At least I’m trying.

I think we’ve all become lazy or afraid of hard work.  We don’t want to get dirty or sore.  We want instant gratification, and we don’t want to lift a finger.  I think that kind of attitude has gotten us into trouble.  If we concentrate and put some brainpower or muscle power into it, good things can happen.  If we get creative and do something unexpected, the results can be rewarding.