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Great Conference

I had a great conference in sunny, steamy Orlando.  I went to several great workshops.  The amount of information can be a bit overwhelming.  E-books are the big item up for discussion this year, along with how they will change the publishing business.  Nobody seems to quite know, and there is a lot of uncertainty, nervousness, and excitement.  I think great books are still going to be great books, but getting people to find them could be the trick.

So I did all the conference stuff — saw friends, collected too many books for my suitcase, and went to events.  As always, the conference food was… questionable.  Chicken with a green crust???  Chicken with red sauce.  Chicken, chicken, chicken.  My friend, writer Jess Michaels, and I escaped one evening to Epcot and had the best steak dinner ever.  Ever.

It was a jam-packed few days that left me exhausted.  Now I need to sort through everything I heard and learned to find the true gems.  Then it’s time to put them into writing.  Does anyone know the secret to traveling and coming back refreshed?  Do you need vacations from your vacations?  I need hints!

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