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I went to the RWA National Conference last week in Atlanta.  It’s always such an exciting, exhausting, educational, and fun time.  I learned so much my hand got tired from taking notes.  There were a lot of sessions about independent publishing.  It’s so exciting to see what’s happening in the field of publishing these days.  There are so many avenues authors can take now in their careers.  Yes, I will be pursuing more indie publishing opportunities, but I also plan to continue the great relationships I have with my publishers.  I think indie publishing is a cool way to get those one-of-a-kind stories out there.

Yes, I’m talking the Dream Wreaker series, but I have some contracted work I need to concentrate on first.  😉

The national conference is also a great place to get caught up with friends and make new ones.  Writing can be a lonely occupation.  Authors tend to sit in home offices for hours upon a time.  We form bonds with others who do the same.  We email and text each other, but there’s nothing like sitting down and having lunch together.  Or in my case, fried pickles!  Who knew it was such a delicacy?  Yummy.

So now I’ve returned to the daily grind, but I’m inspired again to write and do all the other things that authors do.  It will be interesting to see what new tips and tricks work for me.


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