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Missed RWA 2017

I chose not to go to the RWA national conference this year. Between the ever-rising cost of attending, my schedule, and other commitments, it just wasn’t an option.  I knew I wasn’t going, but I nearly missed it entirely.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m deep into writing a book right now.  And that makes me a head case.  I haven’t checked Twitter in, like, forever.  (Between politics and never-ending promotions, it’s just blehhh anymore.)  Yet, I stumbled across it today.  Not only has RWA National apparently been happening this week, they’ve already awarded the RITAs?  On a Thursday?  When did that start?

So yeah, I’m totally out of it.  I’m happy for the people who won and hope everyone had a good time.  I’ll just go back to my book and be happy I’m not facing the chaos of getting a cab to the airport and hoping that my flights happen on time. Yay me.  I think.

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