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RomCon 2012 was on fire!

Okay, not literally, but this was how I started my first day of the convention. The fire alarm went off in my hotel and everyone had to evacuate. It was an unpleasant interruption to my morning routine. The firemen (ahh, firemen!) determined there was no danger, just an overheated elevator. It makes me wonder, though, what it is about me and hotel fire alarms? This happened a few years back at an RWA conference, and it happened once before that, too. I’m starting to get paranoid about the whole deal.

The conference itself was a lot of fun.  It was hot, too, with cover models roaming the hallways and participating in sessions.  My favorite event was the speed dating session with readers.  I got the chance to talk to people to find out what attracts them to a book, what they’re currently reading, and what kinds of genres they love.  One thing I’ve learned about romance readers, they’ll give just about every type of story a chance as long as it has a good plot and a happily-ever-after.

Did I mention it was over 100 degrees in Denver?  And there were wildfires breaking out everywhere?  Send good thoughts out to Colorado, folks.  Being hot is one thing, but they’re flaming out of control!

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