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Newsletter Giveaway & Poll Results

Congratulations to Susan and Justine, who were the winners of my newsletter giveaway.  Both will receive a print copy of In Her Wildest Dreams.

I also have the results of the poll that asked which genre of my stories you like best.  The way the numbers fell out was super interesting.  To me, at least!

  1. All of the above = 33%
  2. Never read a Kimberly Dean story = 22% (Hi, new readers!)
  3. Paranormal = 18%
  4. Contemporary = 12 %
  5. All of the above (except erotica) = 12%
  6. Erotica = 4%

Thanks for participating!

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  1. K S (Kathie) Banks

    The results of the poll taken were very interesting!! Not at all what I would have suspected (myself). I’ll just keep following & reading!! 🙂

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