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@TRRtweet Contest and Poll Results

CourtingInnocence_webI’m participating in the Year End Splash Party over on The Romance Reviews.  Congratulations to Bea and Donna who both won copies of my ebook, Courting Innocence.

I also have the results to my non-scientific poll.

Question:  Where do you usually learn about new-to-you writers?

Amazon recommendations or best seller lists    4%
Friends and Family    15%
Goodreads    8%
Other    27%
Reviewer Blogs    27%
The Romance Reviews    19%

Interesting results.  It just begs one more question.  What is other?


  1. Elizabeth Robinson

    For me, the “other” catagory is by browsing titles in bookstores in my favorite catagories (erotica & romance). Or by finding new authors in collections with other authors I know – I found you in If This Bed Could Talk. I love “Unrequited”!!

  2. admin

    I love hearing that people still go to bookstores. Paging through online listings of books just isn’t the same. I love hearing that that’s the way you found Unrequited. I’m so glad you liked it.

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