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Avoiding the Sophomore Slump

Series are fun to write, and readers love them, but writers need to have a plan.  There are so many things to consider.  Are you creating a world and exploring how people live inside it?  Is there an over-riding story arc that carries throughout the series?  Do characters appear in multiple books?  Can each book stand alone?

Book 1 needs to set the stage.  Characters are introduced and the series premise is set.  There’s a lot to cover in Book 1, and you want readers to get hooked on the whole series.  But how do you keep that interest going in Book 2 and avoid the dreaded sophomore slump?

Courting Innocence is the second book in my Courting series about Luxxor Limited, a high-end escort service.  The first book, Courting Trouble, told the story of Sienna, a young woman who joins Luxxor to pay her bills, but ends up falling for the man she’s escorting.   To keep things interesting, for Courting Innocence, I chose a storyline that came from the exact opposite direction.  The heroine, Erin, is naive and doesn’t know the score.  She’s not coming to Luxxor as an escort, but as an unknowing client.  Sienna and Jason, the hero and heroine from Book 1, appear as supporting characters.  It was a blast to continue their relationship.  I also gave hints about relationships that will appear in future books to make the whole series cohesive.  I’m really happy with the result, and Courting Innocence has been getting great reviews.

How do you like your series?  Do you like visits from old characters?  What do you like to see in connected books to keep you interested in reading?

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