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Courting Danger off to Copyeditor

I’m so happy. All the content editing has been completed on Courting Danger and it’s off to the copy editor.  Soon, it will be real book.

Just for fun, I’m sharing my flash cards for both Courting Innocence and Courting Danger.  This is a technique I’ve developed to help me organize my thoughts and (knock on wood) prevent writer’s block.  Courting Innocence is on the left.  You can see that some of the cards were labeled “no” and weren’t used.  When I’m writing the cards, I start by creating a card for each idea.  Most of the time, it’s a plot point.  Sometimes it’s a point about the characters.  The idea is to brainstorm as much as possible.  Those rejected cards were trails the story could have taken, but were rejected.  Think of them as the road not taken.

Courting Danger has a more intricate story line, and I started with fewer flash cards.  The brain just wasn’t storming.  For that story, I had to spend more time figuring out cards to insert to carry the plot from Point A to Point B.  In the end, it needed more cards and more detail than the other book.  But it made it to the end, and the editor just approved it.  Yay!  You’ll see the end result soon.

2015_0207CI0004_web - Copy

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