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Courting Innocence Bonus Excerpt

CourtingInnocence_webCourting Innocence – coming July 30!

Only one more day until Courting Innocence releases.  Until then, here’s a short scene to tie you over.

Courting Innocence Excerpt

The Apple Tree Grille was busy on Friday mornings. Working stiffs from all the nearby office buildings dropped by for a hearty breakfast to power them to the weekend. None of today’s patrons was as anxious as Erin, though. She followed the restaurant’s hostess to a booth, but stepped aside when Colton directed her out of the way of a waitress delivering an order.

His touch at her side was warm and protective, and she wanted to curl into it.

He’d been quiet in the car on the ride over. Too quiet. It made her worry that he was upset or angry again.

A table of diners stood, blocking their path, and his hand slipped all the way around to her stomach. She leaned back against him and savored the butterflies that rose under that touch. No, he didn’t seem angry.

‘I’m sorry,’ one of the men said when he saw them. ‘Excuse us.’

Erin was disappointed when the group moved out of their way. Colton’s touch left her, but he helped her with her coat. ‘Thank you,’ she said, glancing over her shoulder.

A thrill went through her when she caught him looking somewhere other than her face. The jeans had been a good idea.

His gaze jerked away. He hung up her jacket and slid into the opposite side of the booth. By the time they were both seated, his jaw had firmed and his lips had flattened.

Erin sighed. She really didn’t want another apology, and she’d thought after last night’s intimate call . . .

She cocked her head. Wait a minute.

He was quiet, and he was moving carefully. That expression on his face wasn’t grumpiness. It looked more like pain.

‘Are you hung over?’

His eyes narrowed, which must have been difficult to do, given the way he was already squinting against the sunlight coming through the window. ‘What was your first clue?’ he grumbled.

A grin pulled at Erin’s lips, lifting the corners until she was smiling like a lottery winner.

‘It’s not funny,’ he said.

‘I’m not laughing at you.’ No, she was just tickled pink. He’d gotten drunk over her.

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