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Courting Danger – Bonus Excerpt

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Courting Danger – releases tomorrow!


His hand was warm and callused as it took hers once again to help her to her feet. Her dress flared out, tangling amongst their legs, but she simply laughed.

She smiled up at him. ‘Thank you. It really has been the best night of my life.’

They were standing at the verge of the streetlight’s luminosity. It barely reached to them, but she saw his blue eyes spark.

‘There’s just one thing that would make it better,’ he said, his voice low.

He gave her a moment, a split-second to process and decide. And then he moved in.

His head dipped, and his lips covered hers. Those raging hormones inside Rielle leapt. It wasn’t a polite first kiss or even a kiss that sought a reaction. It was the full-blooded, mind-blowing kiss of a man who knew how to touch a woman.

And wanted to.

He didn’t overpower, and he didn’t push. He simply wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled her close. Closer than they’d been on the dance floor. Their bodies were flush. Her breasts were plumped hard against his chest, and his hips burrowed into the notch between her legs. One of his hands slid under her hair, and he cupped the back of her neck as his mouth…

There was no other way to describe it. He made love to her mouth in a slow, deep kiss that shot to hell all her preconceived notions of intimacy.

The ache inside her began to pulse. It was hungry, needy, demanding.

She clung to him, kissing him back with everything she had. It was a kiss suited for the bedroom, with no clothes between them. It was a kiss that blasted away her thought processes, her doubts, and her self-consciousness.

One of the shoulder straps slid down. Her hands were in his hair, and his bow tie had somehow come undone.

Oh, God, she wanted him. In the back seat of the car. Up in the office. Back at her place. She didn’t care where.


The sharp cry carried across the parking lot like a javelin.

Mel slowly lifted her upright and his mouth broke apart from hers. It was only then that she realised he’d dipped her. ‘I think that means it’s time to go.’

She held onto his lapels, trying to orient herself. ‘What?’

‘Best night of my life, too, Beautiful. That’s the truth. Remember that.’

He stole another quick kiss before pulling away and getting back in the car. He seemed to move in slow motion, but the car had pulled out of the parking lot and was past the streetlight by the time Nina raced up to her in her high heels.

‘Oh my God, Rielle. Where have you been? Are you okay? We’ve been so worried about you.’


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