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Courting Danger #ScintillatingSunday Excerpt

Excerpt from Courting Danger

His hands settled at her waist, and he moved up close behind her. Their gazes locked in the window. ‘Go ahead and yell. Chew me out until you’re good and done.’


‘I can take it.’

Her lips twisted. ‘I can’t think of anything to say right now.’

That tiny smile pulled at his lips.

‘I’m sorry I caused problems for you.’ His heat seeped into her back, and his hands felt strong on her waist. ‘But that’s all I’m sorry for.’

Rielle licked her lips. She knew better than this.

His lips brushed against her temple. ‘You’re a complication I didn’t expect.’CourtingDanger HI RES_web

She was a complication?

He slowly swept her hair to the side. When he pressed his lips against the back of her neck, a shiver went down her back. All the way down. The dress was only partially zipped, and her exposed skin flashed hot and cold.

He kissed lower, between her shoulder blades, and she knew the exact moment he saw how bare she was. His teeth scraped against her spine, and his fingers bit into her sides.

Her own breaths came hard in her throat. He saw right through her. How could he read her like he did? She barely knew herself any more.

She felt him exhale in a shuddering breath, and she caught at the window frame.

He was fighting against the crazy impulse as much as she was, but then his hands moved from her waist. A moan caught in her throat when he undid the zipper all the way and his hands slid inside, skin against skin.

He was so dangerous for her.

‘Tell me your name,’ she whispered. Her belly quivered.

‘It’s safer for you not to know.’


His hands slid upwards and closed over her breasts. He cupped them possessively as his mouth settled against her neck. Rielle trembled, and her head fell back against his shoulder.

She’d left the safe zone a long time ago.


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