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Courting Gossip / Courting Suspicion – Parallel Books

Courting Gossip_s192x300CourtingSuspicion_300x458I came up with a really interesting concept when I proposed these last two books in my Courting series.  Usually books in a series are sequential, but inspiration took me to a different place.  What if I did two books that ran parallel to each other in time?  The main story line for Courting Suspicion is what happens to Nina and Luxxor when one of her escorts is caught in a political scandal.  But the question kept hitting me… What happens to the escort, Genieve, while all the hubbub is happening?  It’s as much her story as it is Nina’s.  So I decided to write two partner books that look at same events through different characters’ points-of-view.

This was a really intriguing concept from a writing perspective.  I had scenes where both Nina and Genieve were present.  That meant that they had to be in both books (or referenced somehow), but told from each heroine’s viewpoint.  I loved that challenge.  Loved it.  Sequencing everything up, though, wasn’t so fun.  The time line had to match!  I couldn’t go off on any tangents, because Genieve had to get from Point A to Point B and be in the right state of mind when she got there.  Yet, I also wanted the technical elements of the story to be invisible.  Courting Gossip had to be able to stand on its own.  The focus had to be on Genieve and Brody’s romance.

It was a brainteaser for sure, but I’m really happy with the way both books turned out.  I can’t wait to hear readers’ feedback to this unique way of storytelling.  Just two more weeks, and I’ll know if I succeeded.

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