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Let’s Go Courting #ScintillatingSunday

A Scintillating Excerpt from Courting Danger

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But she’d already trusted him enough not to have Security remove him. Enough to agree to go out with him. Enough to strip down and change in a room right next to him. These were no little things.

She pulled her hair aside. “Could you zip me up?”

His breath was warm against her bare spine. “I can do that.”

Rielle closed her eyes. She hadn’t wanted him to know she wasn’t wearing a bra. She hadn’t even wanted him guessing, but she hadn’t been able to devise another way around the problem.

He stepped up close, and she felt his size. She began trembling again and her muscles tensed. He caught the tab of the zipper and tugged the flaps of material together to cover her. His touch between her shoulder blades was warm and confident, but that was as far as he went. He pulled up on the tab, and the bodice closed snugly around her.

She cast a quick glance down. Her breasts weren’t bulging out of the neckline, but they did fill out the dress. It fit her like a glove, even if her nipples were perking up and stiffening – but that had nothing to do with her clothes.

She couldn’t ignore how solid he felt behind her. Next to him, she felt delicate and defenseless. If she stepped back, she’d tuck right under his chin.

Her eyelids popped open, and she stepped forward. She was not defenseless. She quickly let her hair drop back into place. “Thank you.”


Releases Oct. 29
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