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Courting Trouble Hot Kiss #HotForFriday


When times get tough, just how bad does a good girl have to get?

Excerpt from Courting Trouble

‘You’re a bull in a china shop,’ she snapped. ‘Constantly pushing things out of your way. I didn’t have to come tonight, you know. You’re lucky you got anyone on such short notice.’

‘I’m lucky I got you.’

He closed the distance between them fast. He’d been fantasizing about finding her for weeks, but in his head, none of it had gone down like this.

It had gone like this.

He kissed her, his mouth closing over hers. Swinging an arm around her waist, he pulled her against him.

The sparks that had been flying combusted.

Fire and ice. It was all he could think as their mouths melded and their bodies squished tight. She fit him perfectly, soft curves cushioning all his hard places. She had an cool exterior, but God… the fire beneath the surface…

He swept his tongue along the seam of her lips, wanting access. She made one last fierce sound of protest, but then let him in.

The bottom of Jason’s stomach dropped out.

She liked to converse in French? He’d show her how the French really communicated. Pushing his tongue into her mouth, he laved at that sharp tongue that had just given him a lashing.

And she gave in.

A primitive growl left his throat.

He stroked his fingers deeper under her dress, but the damn cutouts were too small. He wanted to stroke his hands over her skin, fingers stretched wide and palms pressing firmly.

Her belly squeezed. ‘Jason—’

‘Shhh.’ He kissed his way down to her neck where he stopped to nuzzle. Everything about her felt good. Better than good. She was lighting him up.

He ran his tongue over the pulse pounding in her neck and stroked his hands down her back. Loose tendrils of her hair tickled his ear, and goose bumps popped up on the back of his neck.

One kiss. One kiss from her, and he was ready to explode.


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