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Switching Gears is Hard!

I’ve been working diligently lately on getting my new book ready for the marketplace.  The story is finished, but now it’s time to write blogs, get reviews (hopefully good ones), and promote the book so readers can find it.  It’s business work, and it needs to be done.  After spending so much time getting a story down on paper, it’s sometimes a relief to think about something totally different.  That’s where my mind has been.

So imagine my dismay/excitement when I saw a call for proposals yesterday.  One that intrigued me.  And started pulling my brain back to the creative side.

Agghh.  It’s like half of my brain wants to run off and play, while the other knows it should be responsible and work.

Do I have any actual ideas for a proposal for this new opportunity?  Not one.  But do I want to sit and daydream them up?  Yes, please!  Am I going to pull up a lounger, relax on my deck with a lemonade, and do just that?  I don’t really think I can stop that from happening!

Today’s writers need to do it all.  We have to be creative and a cold-blooded business woman/man, yet writing is what writers love to do.  We’re just happiest when our heads are in a story.

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