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Writing erotica

One of the things I’m working on right now is a new erotica novel. You might not think that there’s much difference writing erotica versus erotic romance, but there is. Just like I’m sure there’s a huge difference between writing comedies, thrillers and mysteries. With erotica, the tension starts at a high level and the writer needs to keep it there and work upwards. With romance, you’re allowed more highs and lows and certainly more build-up time. With erotica, you need to get to the good stuff and get there fast.

Unlike some critics think, though, you can’t skip the character development or the plotting, because without those key components even sex gets boring. So it’s a delicate balance, keeping that sexual tension high and adding the meat of the story. On the other hand, there aren’t as many “rules” with erotica. Romance publishers will argue there aren’t rules, but everyone knows there are. With erotica, you’re allowed to push the limits and be more creative not only in the sex scenes, but also in the story lines and even the characters. It’s fun to go to those places, to be daring and challenge your writing capabilities.

It’s a definite change of gears, but one I’ve driven in quite a bit. It’s just been a while. I haven’t written a full-length erotic novel in years, but it’s time to go back to my old stomping grounds. The opportunity has presented itself, and I’m remembering how much fun it can be to write in this genre. Hopefully, you’ll be able to read the results soon. Then you can tell me if I dared and challenged you enough.

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