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The Sounds of Sleepwalking

Authors are often asked what inspired their stories, and sometimes songs can trigger ideas. Other times, authors will develop a playlist of music they listen to while writing a book. It can help them get into the vibe of the story. I had the opposite occur to me. The song came after I was finished with the book.

It was a really strange case of coincidence. I had just finished Dream Walker and was attending an outdoor art and music festival when a band started playing a really moody, dreamy instrumental. I asked somebody if they knew the name of the song, because I immediately fell in love with it. What was the name of the song? Sleepwalk.

I just about fell over.

The song was a hit in 1959 – before my time – by Santo & Johnny. It’s amazing how well the mood of the song fits the romance between my characters, Shea and Derek. Then again, both the song and the book had the same inspiration of sleepwalking. We just took different forms of expression.

Here’s a link to the song on YouTube.

Have you ever experienced a coincidence like that? Has a song come on the radio that exactly expressed your mood? Ever been facing a big day and been awakened by a song telling you that “tonight’s gonna be a good night”?


  1. Carol L

    I loved the song by Santo & Jenny. Great memories 🙂 I’m a music lover and there is always a song I can relate to as far a events and emotions.
    Carol L

  2. Terri S.

    I love several different types of music and can usually relate to them somehow. When I’m listening to music it can range from classical to hard rock. I also listen to Native American traditional music. It can take your mind and spirit to so many places.

  3. admin

    I wonder why that is? Do we pay more attention when it matches our mood and think it’s a coincidence? Or do we draw the happy songs to us?

  4. admin

    Music really can tap into the soul, can’t it, Terri? I love the flutes in Native American music.

  5. admin

    And isn’t it strange how we can remember all the words to all those songs? How does the brain do that?

  6. Kai W.

    This is the music I always listen to when I am in limbo trying to decide what I should do. The music just suits me when I’m unsure about things.

  7. Holly Loch

    Yes. Yes. and Yes. A ‘smart’ musician (professional or your band in the local bar), DJ, or Karaoke host knows that to get the dance in the mood you sing/play pumping music — happy music like “Now you know my name” by: The Derevolutions. If the crowd is arguing or fighting then you want to sing/play something mellow like “Bridge over trouble Water” by: Simon and Garfunkel…My very best and good friend is a karaoke host and my daddy played in the band for years 😀

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