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Aromatherapy for Sleep

dreamstimefree_208820It seems everyone has sleep problems these days.  Whether caused by medical problems, stress, a poor sleep environment or other factors, the effects on daytime mental and physical performance are significant.  Commercials seem to pop up every evening for pills to help one sleep.  These tend to address the effects of sleeplessness, but some homeopathic practitioners suggest targeting the source.  They recommend using scent to sooth and reduce stress.  Try the following essential oils and see if it helps your night’s rest:

  • Lavender – add a drop or two to your pillow
  • Vetiver – add a drop or two to a warm bath
  • Sandalwood – place a drop on your wrist and massage it in
  • Marjoram – a massage oil that’s known for its calming effects

If you are having persistent sleep problems, it’s best to see your doctor.


  1. Shannon

    I mix lavender oil in some unscented lotion and put it on right before bedtime. It’s helped me a lot.

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