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My new release, Dream Man, is about an unknowing witch who casts a love spell and meets her Dream Weaver. As I was writing the story, I did a lot of research into sleep and dreams. Everyone dreams over the course of a night, but researchers still argue about why. Some believe it’s just random firing of nerves. Others believe it’s the brain’s way of trying to sort through problems. There are dream themes that are common, but dream analysts debate over their meanings, too.

  • Falling – Red flag for major problems at work or relationships
  • Showing up to school/work naked – Vulnerability, anxiety, fear of being exposed
  • Death – A wish to terminate a job or a relationship, a wish to start something new
  • Cheating – Lack of trust in romantic relationship, compromised beliefs or integrity
  • Test-taking – Work stress, being scrutinized, anxiety
  • Being chased – Avoidance, need to face a problem, drive or ambition (for chaser)
  • Showing up late – Being overwhelmed, doing too much
  • Flying – Out of control situation, sign to let go, new perspective, freedom
  • Snake – Fear of the unknown, hidden threats, sexual temptation, transformation
  •  Teeth – Vanity, powerlessness, deception

I don’t remember ever dreaming about teeth, but I’ve had most of the others. My most common dream would be the one where I’m taking a test. I hate that dream, because I always wake up feeling stressed. What dreams do you have most often? What do you think they mean?


  1. Joye

    Enjoyed reading the comments. When I was younger, I dreamt of snakes a lot. I grew up on a ranch and as kids we were always reminded “watch where you walk because there might be a snake there”
    The analysts are wrong-it was not fear of the unknown-heck, I KNEW what those rattlesnakes could do to a person if they bit you.

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