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Dream Walker Bonus Excerpt #paranormal #romance

Welcome to everyone on the Paranormal Romance Blog Hop.  Here’s an excerpt from my new book, Dream Walker.

KimberlyDean_DreamWalker_webDream Weavers, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

She looked at him bemusedly. “I took a course in Greek mythology when I was an undergrad. Do you know the story of the Oneiroi, Derek?”

She felt the energy gather in him. It practically swirled around the bed. “I’m familiar with it,” he said carefully.

The power coming off him was heady. Shea inhaled, absorbing it as her mind went back. “They were dark-winged daemons sent up by gods from a cavern on the shore of the ocean near Hades. When they appeared to humans, it was in their sleep. The Oneiroi could take whatever shape they wished, but true dreams emerged from a gate made of horn while false dreams came from a gate made of ivory.”

He cleared his throat. “Something like that.”

“They were said to rule over sexual dreams most of all.”

The room seemed to shrink, and Shea felt him everywhere they touched. If anyone ruled her sexual dreams, it was him. She cleared her throat. “Anyway, the mother of the Oneiroi was said to be Night, or Nyx.”

He edged closer. “What do you think of all that?”

“The coincidence is fascinating. Derek Dream,” she said, caught up in the whole idea of it. The mysticality. The sensuality. Slowly, she shook her head. He probably thought she was silly.

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