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Another excerpt from EVERLASTING

Only 2 days until release…

An Excerpt From:  EVERLASTING
© Copyright KIMBERLY DEAN, 2011

It wasn’t fear, he suddenly realized.  That damned heavy feeling of apathy was back – just like in his dream.  Depression seemed to be lapping over him every time the tide came in.  The longer he stood there watching the water, the stronger the feeling of bleakness grew.

There was no reason for it.  The sense of loss and betrayal…  They weren’t real.

Stubbornly, he made himself move closer to the cliff’s edge.

If he backed down now, it would only get worse.  A chill raked his body, even though it had to be seventy degrees.  He braced himself.  Where were these feelings coming from?  They felt familiar somehow, but they weren’t his.  Was it this place?  “Just one more,” he told himself.

One more step, and he’d be satisfied.

“Wait!” a voice suddenly called out from the darkness.

Trey jerked.  He’d thought he was alone.

“Stop!” the pretty, feminine voice cried.

His surprise quickly became shock as a feeling of hope unfurled inside his chest.  But…  No, it couldn’t be.

He spun around.  When he saw a figure in flowing white running towards him along the cliff tops, his heart nearly burst out of his chest.

“Don’t,” she called breathlessly.  “Please.”

Trey couldn’t have moved if he’d tried.  He knew that voice.

So did his cock.

It slammed to attention as he watched the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen come out of the mists.  Lit only by moonlight, she was a vision.  Her face was delicate and surrounded by cascades of curly brown hair.  White silk clung to her curves, but it parted around her long, sleek legs as she ran full-stride towards him.

“You!” he said in disbelief.

“I’m here,” she cried.  She launched herself into his arms.  “It’s me, your Curly Q.”

Trey stumbled back at the impact, but caught her close.  She felt warm and soft against his chest.  With as tightly as she clung to him, he could feel every inch of her.  And every inch was pure heaven.  His brain scrambled as he felt high firm breasts, long sleek thighs, and a snug warm notch cradling his stiffening cock.  She shuddered hard, and a strangled sound escaped his throat.

“I’m sorry.” One of her hands cupped the nape of his neck and the other rubbed his back.  “I’m so sorry.”

Trey was dumbfounded.  Who was she?  Where had she come from?

What the hell was going on?

“Sorry for what?” he managed to ask.  It was nearly impossible to think with her sweet little body molded against his.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come back.  I won’t leave you this time.  I swear.”

Relief poured through him, confusing him even more.  “Come back?  What are you talking about?”

“Shhh.” She turned her head and tucked her face against his neck.  “Please, come away from the edge.  You don’t need to go in the water anymore.”

Trey jolted.  The water.  How did she know about the water?

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