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Joys of Self-Publishing

kimberlydean_Ghost_Flute_200x320Over my career, I’ve written for small publishers and large.  There are pluses and minuses to each.  It’s the same way with self-publishing, but one of the things I like most is having control over my stories.  I listen to advice, but I get to make the final call.  In the case of Ghost Flute, for example, there was originally an epilogue that ended the story.  However, the publisher I was working with decided they liked how the story ended without it.  I removed my ending, but that was something that always bugged me about the story.  I felt that without the epilogue, a thread was left hanging.  Once I retained the rights to the story and decided to re-issue it, I went back and read the story with fresh eyes.  Guess what?  I still loved the epilogue and thought it was needed.  So I put it back!  Ahhh, feels so good.

Ghost Flute excerpt

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