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Protect Pe’Sla Lakota Sioux Sacred Site

My story, Ghost Flute, is set in the Lower Brule Reservation in South Dakota.  This novella is special to me, because it broke me out of a severe writing slump.  For the first time in a long time, the characters were clear and their story was vivid in my mind.  The Sioux culture and way of life are key to this story, so when I learned of the Sioux Nation’s effort to buy back land that is sacred to them, I had to share.

The Sioux Nation has until November 30th to raise money to purchase land they call Pe Sla, a sacred site in the center of the Black Hills.  Located near Mount Rushmore, this land is in jeopardy of being developed if it goes to another buyer.  The sellers have agreed to sell to the Sioux tribes if they can reach the asking price of $9 million.  “The Tribes of the Great Sioux Nation, representing the poorest counties in the United States with 80% unemployment, have pooled their strained resources to buy back stolen, sacred land. They are on the verge of accomplishing something truly monumental but need our help. The Tribes have put together approximately $7,500,000 so far but need close to $1,500,000 more to secure Pe’Sla.”

They have quite a way to go to meet their goal.  For more information, go to  Please help if you believe that preserving history and a way of life is important.


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