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Story ideas

People often ask how writers come up with ideas. Really, we don’t always know. They’re just suddenly there. The idea for GHOST FLUTE came together differently than any other story I’ve written, though. I was struggling with an idea block. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, because I wasn’t writing at all. If I’d had an idea, I would have been. I just couldn’t brainstorm. My creative well was dry.

Then one day, I was sitting, staring out at the trees behind my house. It was sunset and the sky was in that hazy in-between stage. I starting thinking, I wonder what’s back in there tonight? Quite a bit of wildlife stroll through the area or make their homes there. Anyway, the daydream took off… just the feel of the story.

I don’t know why I thought of the book of Native American mythology that I own, but I did. I’d bought it years and years ago, just because it looked interesting. I don’t think I’d ever cracked the cover, but I did that night. I thumbed through the various myths and legends and there it was, my inspiration. Everything came together in that moment — the setting, the story’s vibe, and the characters. I’m a plotter, so that came through really strongly, too. The story stuck in my head and grabbed on with both hands.

I started writing it the next day and, now, it’s almost ready for release.

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