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Hell to Pay Release Day #romance

Hell to Pay is now available for only $0.99!  If you’re enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited Program, it’s free!  Get your copy now.

Hell_To_Pay_200x380Hell to Pay

Genre:  Contemporary romance short story

The Longs and the Wilsons have been at war for generations, but when Cassidy Wilson moves to Summer Lake, she tries to stay out of the fray. Her dog just won’t let her.  Time and again, he ends up right where he shouldn’t—on Rafer Long’s property. Dark and brooding, Rafer is the sexiest of Cassidy’s enemies. Just being near him makes her body grow hot and her knees go weak.

Rafer doesn’t mind finding Cassidy on his turf. Sweet and pretty, he’s lusted after her even when he knows he shouldn’t.  So when her dog gives him an excuse to be with her, he uses it.

Even knowing there will be hell to pay.

Hell to Pay Excerpt

Download ebook:  Kindle Kindle UK


  1. Allison

    I love (re) reading this story! Hope your other Red Sage titles will become easily available for readers, congrats Kimberly.

  2. Anne Smith

    Great story unusual for me to read this type of story but it had me gripped from the start Thanks for the relaxing read 🙂

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