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Hypnotica’s New Cover

Newsletter recipients voted on which new cover I should use for Hypnotica, and the results came back overwhelmingly in favor of this one.  With 71% of the vote, the winner is:

Hypnotica_new_200x300Hypnotica – on sale now for only 99 cents

Genre:  Contemporary, erotic romance

You are feeling very sexy…

When shy Copper Daniels is entranced at an Erotic Hypnotic show, her Caribbean cruise quickly goes from restful to restless. Encouraged to find the sexiest man in the room, she chooses Nick Branson. Nick isn’t a saint. He kisses Copper like he’s always wanted, but then demands the hypnotist call off the spell. It just doesn’t take. Now, whenever Copper hears the trigger word, her inhibitions fade and things between them get hot. Hyp-naughty-cally hot!

Hypnotica excerpt

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Isn’t it beautiful?  If you’re interested in getting the first view on things like this, join my newsletter, too.


  1. Miss. Holly Loch

    Dear Kimberly,
    I’m really glad you or whomever picked the Second (B) for your Book Cover.

    The first one the lady looks really weird; the way her head and body are facing. Is her back against his back? or is her chest against him?

    Sorry about the criticism but I don’t know she looks really weird and uncomfortable.

    Looks like a good read 🙂

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