But I don’t wanna write today

I was NOT in the mood to write today, but I knew I had to post something here.  I made myself set my annoying timer and write for an hour.  Once I got started, it got easier.  I managed to hammer out 1184 words.  I don’t know if they’re good words, but for me, editing is always easier than the blank page.  Thanks for keeping me accountable.

Chapter One – Done

I only added about 100 words today.  Some writing binge, huh?  The good thing is that Chapter One is in a good enough state that I can move on.  I’ve got scenes of Chapter Two bouncing around in my head, but again, they’re not in order.  I need to do some more plotting before I can dive in and start to write.

The weird thing is that I’ve been writing later in the day.  Usually, I’m a morning writer.  That hasn’t been the case so far with this book.  I don’t know why, but whatever works.

Total word count = 5246

Chapter 1 – Pushing Through

I didn’t sleep well last night, and I’ve been dragging all day.  With my head hurting, I really didn’t want to write, but I made myself sit down and try.  I managed to get about 700 words.  Better yet, I think I might be able to keep them.  That last scene still needs an edit, but I think I’ve introduced the heroine better.  I got inside her head so readers can understand her.   Chapter One now stands at 5,152 words.

Sometimes I write in sprints.  I tell myself to just work on it for an hour, and that’s my focus.  I can’t hop on the Internet or go check the mailbox.  It’s writing time.  I recently bought a kitchen timer.  It has huge numbers that show the time counting down.  I can see at a quick glance how much time is left and watching the numbers tick down makes me realize I’m wasting time.  I love it.  It’s a simple thing.  A watch or a clock or a phone will do the same thing, but they don’t have those big numbers, standing there looking at me.  And they don’t have the obnoxious beep that this thing does.  Hey, whatever works, right?

Chapter One — Work Continues

I added about 1200 words to Chapter One today, but focused more on editing.  It’s coming along nicely, but I really need to expand on the heroine.  I realized that I’m assuming that readers know her, but you don’t!  That will be my goal tomorrow.  I need to take a deeper dive inside her head and polish up that finishing scene.  Then I’ll be comfortable moving on to Chapter Two.

Speaking of being comfortable, my freak-out from yesterday seems to have subsided.  I don’t know why I was putting pressure on myself.  Writing doesn’t need to be fast, it needs to be good.  I’ve found that if I go too slow, I can lose the overall tone of the book.  If I go too fast, though, I can get ahead of what I’ve plotted.  Then things can take a disastrous turn.  For my last several books, I’ve written at a breakneck pace and have felt the stress associated with that.  I think that I’d come to equate writing with stress and that was what happened yesterday.  It’s not necessary.  I just need to remember that.

Yeah, like I have that kind of control.  Ha!

Chapter One

I got a good start on Chapter One today with 3250 words.  I try to get about 5,000 words per chapter.  It was a boy meets girl scene, told from the hero’s point of view.  I want to add her reaction next.  I always add words when I edit, so that should put me pretty close to what I want to hit before moving to Chapter Two.

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling pressure to write that additional scene tonight.  Self-inflicted pressure, which is ridiculous.  I don’t have the scene fleshed out in my head yet, and things never turn out well when I try to wing it.  I also haven’t plotted out Chapter Two yet, so why the rush?  Writers are weird.  A part of me wants to hit that 5,000-word mark, but the other half wants them to be words I can keep.  If I know the scene in my head, I’ll write it much faster.

Stupid brain. See, it’s starting already.  Want to know a secret? The writing process drives writers crazy.

New Project

I started working on a new project today.  I plan to do some binge writing over the next few days, so I thought I’d blog about it here.  I’ll share what I did, how much I wrote (or didn’t write), and when or why I got stuck.  I figure this will keep me accountable and maybe somebody out there would find it interesting.  Mainly, it’s to hold myself accountable.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been pushing in my head for inspiration, which never works.  I knew who my heroine was, but the story I’d originally envisioned for her just wasn’t working.  Then I had the idea for a different type of hero. I liked him a lot, but there wasn’t enough there for a story.  It’s strange, but a romance is never just the love story.  That would be so boring.  There’s got to be some sort of drama or  action going on, too, to move things along.  Since I write erotic romance, it also had to be sexy.  That’s the part I was missing until the other day.  I don’t even know how it came to me, but I remember going into a room to get something. Instead, I stopped because an idea had hit me — and it was the missing piece that brought the story together.  I finally had the sexy conflict I needed to keep the plot moving with my two characters.  (I never did remember why I went into that room.)

Scenes then came to me.  That’s how my creative process works.  Unfortunately, they’re never in order.  So today was all about getting the big picture sorted out in my head. I ended up writing the synopsis.  A synopsis is a 2-5 page summary of the story that publishing houses require you to submit with the full manuscript.  It’s essentially the Cliffs Notes version of your story. Some authors wait until the very end to write these.  I’ve come to realize that it’s helpful for me to write them first.  Once I plot a story out, it doesn’t change much.  If it does, the synopsis can easily be updated.

Anyway, today I wrote a 1,214-word synopsis.  It helped me get some of those scenes in order.  It definitely helped me flesh out my characters, especially the hero.  He’s not the Alpha type I usually write, but I can tell he’s going to be a good one.  I hadn’t really pictured this story all the way through to its end, but I came up with an idea that would tie everything up pretty nicely.  And, no, that’s not a bondage joke.  Ha.  I’m happy with the progress I made today.  It’s not quite there, but the story is starting to come together.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on Chapter One.  Yay.  Here we go.

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Spring Cleaning

I’ve been busy with spring cleaning, which is always a chore. Still, it’s nice to brush the dust off things and see reminders of the past.  One of the items on my chore list has been going through my book collection.  As you can imagine, I have drawers filled with books.  Shelves are stacked high with paperbacks. I have boxes of books, waiting to be read.  I’m trying to weed through these and find a better organization system.  I’ve received a lot of books at conferences, and then there are always the stacks of books I get to judge for the RITA contest every year. Those books are fun to investigate, but they aren’t the ones with which I have a connection.

I have books that I will keep forever, no matter what fantastic technology comes along.  I have the old Linda Howard Silhouette books.  (Yes, all of them.) I have a lot of Sandra Brown’s early works.  I found an Anne Stuart thriller that I remember reading on vacation. My friend asked to read it, and I warned her it was dark, but she gobbled it up, too. There’s the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, all in paperback (except the last two, which I bought in ebook form because I couldn’t wait for the paperbacks.  Who started that stupid trend?)  I have Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series (same for that one.)  Dare I go on?

The point is, it’s very hard for me as a reader to try to downsize.  I get pulled into back cover blurbs. I hold onto unread books, because I might have liked something the author wrote before. I want to keep weak books by my favorite authors, just because.  Do you see my problem?

How have you handled the switch to digital?  Or have you even tried?  I’m looking for pointers to try to get me through this project, or I’m going to end up with even more books than I started with!  🙂