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Like Black Lace? Try Mischief

I was crushed several years back when Black Lace Books closed their doors.  Working with them had been a fantastic experience for me.  In fact, it was Black Lace that gave me my start by publishing Tiger Lily.  They were a top notch publisher — “erotica written for women by women” was their motto.  They published some hard-hitting stuff and allowed their writers to push the limits, all while maintaining the highest quality of writing.  A good portion of visitors to my site still seem to be searching for the old books.

Well, Black Lace Books may be no more, but I highly recommend you check out Mischief Books.  This is a new publisher of erotica and erotic romance, also based out of the U.K.  I was invited to write for them by none other than my former Black Lace editor, Adam Nevill.  So the band is back together!  My first full-length novel, Private Dancer, releases with them in one week on December 20.  This is the naughty stuff, folks.  This is erotica, although me being me, I might have had to include some romance in there.  It’s definitely pushing the boundaries for the politically correct, which made me very happy.  So if you’re looking for something fun in your stocking, try downloading this to your e-reader.

So look for Private Dancer on the 20th.

And SURPRISE, I plan to release Tiger Lily for the first time as an e-book later this month.  More details on that to come.

Happy Holidays!

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