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Courting Series

The Courting Series

Meet the women and men who work at Luxxor Limited, a high-end escort service. The company caters to the wealthy by matching them with escorts who are as smart, mannered, and cultured as they are beautiful. The one limitation in Luxxor’s contracts? No sex allowed. Except, of course, if the contact is mutually acceptable.

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Courting Trouble cover shows the shadowed torso and bowed head of a beautifully fit man.Genre:  Steamy Contemporary Romance

When times get tough, how bad does a good girl have to get?

Sienna is bright, articulate, and woefully underemployed. In order to get by, she signs a contract with Luxxor Escort Services. A contract that strictly forbids any sexual contact with clients… But then she’s assigned to accompany former hockey player Jason Sloan. The chemistry between them is combustible, and soon Jason is tempting Sienna to break all the rules.

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A shirtless, muscled man appears deep in thought.Genre:  Steamy Contemporary Romance

Even nice girls have needs.

Erin starts using matchmaker Luxxor Limited, not realizing that the company is truly an escort service.  She gets more than she bargained for when she’s set up with another client, lawyer Colton King–her big brother’s best friend. Colton is horrified when he learns the scandalous game Erin has been playing. He orders her to stop, but things go a bit too far … and become a bit too sexy … Soon Colt is escorting Erin straight to his bed.

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Courting Danger book cover shows a shiftless, muscled man clasping his hands behind his head and looking pensive.Genre: Steamy Romantic Suspense

Good girls finish last

Rielle Sands ventured too close to the fire once and got burned.  Now when it comes to men, she’s vowed to play it safe.  But then a dashing, mysterious man shows up at Luxxor Limited after hours, needing an escort.  The reward may be worth the risk.

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Courting Suspicion book cover shows the beautiful naked torso of a fit man.Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

It’s difficult to run when you want to get caught.

Nina Lockwood has spent years building her escort company into a lucrative and powerful business, yet everything is put in jeopardy when a bull-headed, sexy detective starts poking around. Josh Morgan is the last man on earth she should be attracted to, but Nina can’t help it.  A romance with him would be reckless, but she fantasizes about taking on her role of a D.C. madam in a more personal and pleasurable way.

Josh knows Nina’s hiding secrets, and he wants to discover each and every one of them – in uniform or not.  But then a Luxxor escort is found in a compromising situation with a prominent politician, and the true cat-n-mouse game begins.

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Courting Gossip book cover shows a front view of a muscled man's torso as he stretches.Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Naughty to be nice

When escort Genieve is caught in a scandal, she needs to lay low with the one man she’s never been able to charm. Power player Brody Haynes is used to fixing politicians’ problems, but Genieve is messing with his head. The stern fixer and the vivacious bombshell soon discover that the opposites attract. Maybe it’s time to give people something else to talk about.

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Book cover show a shirtless man with rock-hard abs staring at the floor.Genre:  Steamy contemporary romance

When Noelle hires an escort to accompany her to a charity event, it’s merely to show her ex that’s she’s moved on. Yet she gets more than she bargained for when Dane is assigned to accompany her. Tall, dark, and handsome, he knows how to arouse jealousy. He also knows how to arouse her!

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Duplicate of Courting Jealousy cover, but with a 2 denoted.Genre:  Contemporary erotic romance

When Noelle starts a romance with ex-escort Dane, she has to learn to deal with jealousy – other women’s and her own. It’s not easy dating a handsome, hot alpha male, but somebody has to do it!

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