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Courting Jealousy 2 excerpt

Excerpt from Courting Jealousy 2

Duplicate of Courting Jealousy cover, but with a 2 denoted.
by Kimberly Dean

“But… isn’t being an escort all about the lie?”

“If you’re asking if I enjoyed spending time with kind, witty women, then I’ll tell you I did.” Purposefully, he caught her breast and squeezed. “But I guarantee I didn’t touch them.”

Noelle’s nipple jabbed into the cup of her bra.

“Little touches,” he said gruffly. “Or big.”

“Oh.” She gasped when he began prodding at her nipple with his thumb.

“You’re special to me, Noelle. I touch you because it’s all I can do to keep my hands off you.”

She clutched at the bridge railing when his other hand swept down to her jeans and began tugging at her zipper. Her eyes widened, and she looked around nervously. There was nobody else in sight, and she didn’t stop him. It was shocking, yet somehow natural to be with him like this out in the middle of the wild.

And she’d wondered if lightning could strike again…


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