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Courting Jealousy excerpt

Excerpt from Courting Jealousy

Book cover show a shirtless man with rock-hard abs staring at the floor.

by Kimberly Dean

Set-up:  Noelle has hired an escort to take her to an event she knows her ex will be attending

Her laugh morphed into a moan when Dane settled his big, hot hand over her breast. He squeezed gently, lifting her in his palm. “I care, and I prefer the real thing.”

Noelle’s nipple hardened on the spot, and the ache traveled down directly to her core. “Why… why are you saying these things?” she asked.

They were hidden away together. Alone, with nobody around. There was no reason to keep up the act.

His lips curled into a somewhat embarrassed smile. “I guess you could say I’m hot for teacher.”

Her jaw dropped. Sexy men didn’t come on to her. She was pretty and she kept in shape, but she was low-key. Composed and self-contained. With her father’s high-profile job, she’d learned to live in the shadows. Handsome men like Dane didn’t tend to look outside the limelight for girls like her.

Yet when he leaned more heavily into her, she felt the evidence of his interest against her belly.

She propped her hands against his chest, and heat seeped into her fingertips. He was hard and muscled, yet she swore she could feel his heart pounding as hard as hers.

“But why?” she insisted.

“Why wouldn’t I be attracted to you?” he asked, flicking her nipple in chastisement. “From what I’ve seen, you’re sweet, giving, and adventurous. And in case you didn’t know it, you’re stunningly beautiful.”

He dropped his head and whispered into her ear. “I want to kiss you for real.”


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