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Secrets, Volume 9

Genre:  Contemporary, erotic romance

FBI Special Agent Jeff Reno wants Danielle Carver.  There’s her body, her brains – and that nasty charge of treason on her head.  Unable to clear her name, Dani goes on the run.  But what will the sexy Fed do once he catches her?  And why is the idea so downright tempting?

Wanted excerpt

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Secrets, Volume 11

Genre:  Contemporary, erotic romance

Framed for murder.  With the law hot on his trail, “bad cop” Michael Tucker takes hostage the one woman who can clear his name.  Evidence has hardened Taryn Swanson against him, but her body and soul aren’t as immune.  Soon, Tucker is using some unconventional, yet effective persuasion techniques to change the sexy ADA’s mind.

Manhunt excerpt

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