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The Hackers

The Hackers

Meet the online technology geniuses of Afire Industries.  They protect your data, but can they protect their hearts?

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Hacking IT

A couple wearing leather jackets huddles together, as if in danger.Genre: Steamy Romantic Suspense

When Kylie discovers a hack of Afire Industries’ network, chief security officer Luke blames her for the breach. But who needs his protection more, Afire or the sexy software developer?

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Love Hack

An attractive couple in love.Genre:  Steamy Romantic Suspense

Security analyst Spencer Weiler is excited when he lands a job at Afire Industries. The responsibility is daunting, but nowhere near as exhilarating as working with Josie Johnson, the pretty program manager in charge. He bulks up to try to get her attention, but cute as he is, Josie broke her rule about dating coworkers once before. It didn’t end well. When her ex returns and posts scandalous pictures of her on the Internet, it’s not Spencer’s muscles that she needs. She needs a hacker.

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