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Triple X series

Triple X Series

A contemporary romance series about sisters finding each other and the loves of their lives.

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Book cover for contemporary romance, Lexie, shows an attractive couple embracing in front of a window overlooking a city.Triple X, Book 1

Genre:  Contemporary romance

Desire is a double-edged dance.

When Lexie meets a woman who looks exactly like her, she realizes she has a twin sister. A sister who encourages her to be wild — and soon Lexie’s kissing Cameron Rowe, a man she can’t quite trust…

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Handsome man relaxes into the arms of a beautiful woman sitting on a bed.Triple X, Book 2

Genre:  Contemporary romance

It’s just pretend…but nobody wants to stop.

When timid Maxie meets identical sisters she didn’t know she had, she’s too unsettled to face them alone. On impulse, she pretends that hunky sheriff Zac is her boyfriend. As the lies grow and the kisses become hotter, it’s soon hard to tell the truth from make-believe.

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Sexy couple in matching white tank tops kiss. Book 3 in series.Triple X, Book 3

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

It’s time for this identical triplet to meet her match.

Can a wild child ever really be tamed? Growing up in foster care has made Roxie Cannon tough and self-reliant, but being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. She’s finally found her sisters. Is it time she met her match?

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Bonus Story

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